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Edit the include/defines.h file to change the debug IP address and port to your PC. Make sure you have a TCP listener on the TCP port you specified. For linux you can do nc -lk 9023.

#define DEBUG
#define DEBUG_IP ""
#define DEBUG_PORT 9023


Available Remote Functions

Function Key Description
poke() POKE Write a buffer to memory at a given addrss
peek() PEEK Read a buffer from memory at a given address
getProcesses() GET_PROCESSES Get a list of running processes
getProcessThreads() GET_PROCESS_THREADS Get the threads the process has
getModules() GET_MODULES Get a list of running modules
getRegions() GET_REGIONS Get regions for a given process
getFirmware() GET_FIRMWARE Get the firmware version
notify() NOTIFY Send a system notification
searchStart() SEARCH_START Start searching for data
searchRescan() SEARCH_RESCAN Rescan results from a previous search for a new set of data
searchGetResults() SEARCH_GET_RESULTS Get the current list of results
searchCountResults() SEARCH_COUNT_RESULTS Get the number of results
searchEnd() SEARCH_END End the search
debugContinue() DEBUG_CONTINUE Continue a stopped process
debugStop() DEBUG_STOP Stop a process
debugKill() DEBUG_KILL Kill a process
debugStep() DEBUG_STEP Step one instruction on a stopped process
debugGetRegisters() DEBUG_GET_REGISTERS Get a processes registers
debugSetRegisters() DEBUG_SET_REGISTERS Set a processes registers
debugGetFloatRegisters() DEBUG_GET_FLOAT_REGISTERS Get a processes floating point registers
debugSetFloatRegisters() DEBUG_SET_FLOAT_REGISTERS Set a processes floating point registers
debugGetDebugRegisters() DEBUG_GET_DEBUG_REGISTERS Get a processes debug registers
debugSetDebugRegisters() DEBUG_SET_DEBUG_REGISTERS Set a processes debug registers
debugAddBreakpoint() DEBUG_ADD_BREAKPOINT Add a breakpoint to the process
debugRemoveBreakpoint() DEBUG_REMOVE_BREAKPOINT Remove a breakpoint from the process
debugAddWatchpoint() DEBUG_ADD_WATCHPOINT Add a watch to the process
debugRemoveWatchpoint() DEBUG_REMOVE_WATCHPOINT Remove a watch from the process
debugStopThread() DEBUG_STOP_THREAD Stop a given thread from running
debugResumeThread() DEBUG_RESUME_THREAD Resume a given thread that was previously stopped
debugCheckInterrupt() DEBUG_CHECK_INTERRUPT Check if there is a interrupt

Thanks to 2much4u, CTurt, Kiwidog and Golden for sources / advice.

Compiled using PS4 SDK -

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