a simple JAAS LoginModule for tests
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OuiOuiLoginModule Build Status

The 'Noddy' login module is a no deps JAAS compliant LoginModule mainly focused for tests, load tests or integration scenarios.


The LoginModule has been created to:

  • authenticate any incoming call that has at least a name (password is not mandatory)
  • fill standard tryFirstPass shared state entries: javax.security.auth.login.name & javax.security.auth.login.password, so that it can integrates smoothly on top of standard JAAS security domain definition
  • support basic role assignment


The LoginModule has very few available options (is one very few ? ;-) )

  • roles: a comma separated list of role names that will be assigned to the authenticated principal during authorization phase

Use cases

  • user is not that important: if your application does not store/use data from the user but relies on their login/role only then ouioui-loginmodule is a perfect tool to load test it.
  • users are meaningful but you don't know their login: in such cases you can benefit from the ouioui-loginmodule ability to authenticate automatically your calls and then delegate to the rest of the JAAS stack (using tryFirstPass) to fill-in expected roles & principals.

Wildfly integration

The project produce a ready to use wildfly module.

  • Unzip ouioui-loginmodule-XXX-wildfly-module.zip into WILDFLY_HOME\modules
  • Update the wildfly configuration
<security-domain name="????" cache-type="default">
        <login-module code="fr.brouillard.oss.security.jaas.OuiOuiLoginModule" flag="required" module="fr.brouillard.oss.security.jaas">
            <module-option name="roles" value="USER,ADMIN"/>

et voilà !