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A personal website powered by Pelican.

What is this?

Started in June 2017, this project is a blog that allows me to write about my interests. It's also much more than that: I use this site as a sandbox for learning and experimentation with various web technologies and practices. The site uses a custom theme I wrote using CSS3 and jQuery. I've tried to minimize the use of external libraries and do as much of it by hand as I can with the goal of furthering myself as a web developer and keeping my skills relevant in an ever-changing industry. I'm constantly rewriting functional aspects of the design as I figure out better ways of doing the same thing.

Why Pelican?

Pelican uses Jinja2, a template engine for Python, to eliminate the need for the tedious writing of HTML pages tag by tag. This gives the site a consistent structure with a simple DOM that is less error prone. You build out the structure and Pelican fills in the boilerplate.

Web development without a database

In the past I developed websites using a full-blown Content Management System, but I found most CMSes to be needlessly complex for my use case. I also work with databases all day at my current job and I thought I'd switch things up a bit; I want to maintain a well-rounded skillset.

I welcome your feedback

Feel free to take a look at the site and let me know what you think! I'm constantly looking to improve my skills as a developer so constructive feedback is always welcome.