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Here be a collection of developers tools except for the C compiler
that one can haz a personal choice upon and strictly speaking
compiler has little to do with binary objects.
All tools handle ELF and some do even a.out except for as(1) ld(1)
and surprisingly readelf(1).

They all depend upon libelf that provides very basic ELF pokery.

Any one of these builds as is on any reasonable BSD system (sample
make(1) include files are supplied for reference).
Yer Kleenux milage may vary.
Here are expected source locations:
Other dependancies include:
	make(1) awk(1) sh(1) nroff(1) cp(1) ln(1) mkdir(1) libc(2/3)

All proggies function correctly on almost any architecture.
Any proggie can be compiled and used on any architecture to
operate on any other architectures source or object files.
The only machine-dependant pieces are in:
	ld(1)		for relocs and MD bits
	as(1)		obviously but see what is supported
	adb(1)		cannot run alien bins but can mock 'em aliens!
	readelf(1)	reloc types and MD bits

See them manuals for more of them details.

as(1) and adb(1) coming soon...

    paranoic mickey      (my employers have changed but, the name has remained)