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Goduf is a fast duplicate file finder. It is a command line tool.

License: GPL v2 Build Status


The typical usage is very simple:

% goduf DIRS...


% goduf /usr/bin
Group #1 (2 files * 76 bytes):

Group #2 (2 files * 292 bytes):

Group #3 (3 files * 1134 bytes):

Group #4 (2 files * 1303 bytes):

Group #5 (7 files * 4791 bytes):

% goduf -summary /usr/share/doc
2018/04/07 21:48:23 Final count: 5970 duplicate files in 1920 sets
2018/04/07 21:48:23 Redundant data size: 107594575 bytes (102 MiB)

Use goduf -h to get the list of available options.

Note for Windows users: goduf does not normalize paths on Windows, so be careful not to specify the same path twice.

On Linux, hard links are automatically excluded.


From the Github mirror:

% go get github.com/McKael/goduf

From my Mercurial repository (upstream):

% hg clone https://hg.lilotux.net/golang/mikael/goduf
% cd goduf
% go build

Please note that if you're not using Go v1.11 yet, you should clone the repository in your $GOPATH.