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SMTP proxy that adds dkim signatures using rspamd
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A simple python script to put a dkim signature on an email using rspamd and then forward it via SMTP.


Many guides for OpenSMTPD have you install both rspamd and dkimfilter. However, rspamd is perfectly capable of putting dkim signatures on outgoing mail. Why install all that when all you need is a small script to make rspamd to the work?


  • Python 3.7+ (sorry, I use )
  • aiohttp
  • aiosmtplib
  • aiosmtp


$ sudo mv pyrelay-rspamd.conf.example /etc/pyrelay-rspamd.conf
$ sudo cat rspamd-settings.local.example >> /etc/rspamd/local.d/settings.conf
$ sudo vi /etc/pyrelay-rspamd.conf

Be sure to pass the location of the configuration file to pyrelay-rspamd when starting it.

Everything in the HEADERS section of the configuration file is passed as an header to rspamd if you want to customize the processing further.

A note on encoding

The relay does not attempt to modify any encoding of the messages. This means that the forwarding server must support the message as encoded by the originating server. It also means that if the mail is then sent to a server that doesn't support the encoding used the signature may become invalidated.

aiosmtplib doesn't support SMTPUTF8. For a quick and dirty hack for the support most people will need see my branch of the project.

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