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mcdisplay variants table overview

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Default trace visualiser "mcdisplay" indicated in bold below

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Variant Type 2D/3D Special cmdline switches ToF mode Output format(s) Remark Example output
mcdisplay-pyqtgraph Python 3 + pyqtgraph 2D x 3 planes
(invert colors)
png(p) svg(s) max
mcdisplay-webgl Python 3 + WebGL Full 3D
 to avoid spawning broswser
No html/ WebGL/ Javascript then print max
mcdisplay-mantid Python 3 + Mantid 3D None None XML Generates IDF file for inclusion in NeXus output (mcplot-pl on Windows) Perl 5 + PGPLOT 2D x 3 with PGPLOT, 3D with Matlab
can be used to forward output to PGPLOT, Gnuplot, Matlab, ...
save hardcopy
When outputting XML, also describe component geometry
ToF axis limit when in --TOF mode
Depends on PGPLOT install, but ps(p)/psc(c) always available Old
Plotters below this not yet available in release
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