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mcplot variants table overview

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Default "mcplot" plotter indicated in bold below

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Variant Type Zoom Special cmdline switches Special feature(s) Output format(s) Remark Example output
mcplot-pyqtgraph Python 3 + pyqtgraph Y
(invert colors)
Plot monitors "across" scan (Meta/ctrl+click). Choice of colormap (c). png(p) svg(s) fast
mcplot-matplotlib Python 3 + matplotlib Y
 html/mpld3 output 
--format FMT
save to FMT from cmdline
--backend BCK
use BCK backend for plot
Plot monitors "across" scan (Meta/ctrl+click). ps(p) pdf(d) png(n) jpg(j) html, ... slow
mcplot-matlab BASH + Matlab or iFit or Octave Y None None Depends on plotter Fallback solution (mcplot-pl on Windows) Perl 5 + PGPLOT N
can be used to forward output to PGPLOT, Gnuplot, Matlab, ...
only plot monitors with matching name
show 2D plots as contours in PGPLOT
save hardcopy
Legacy implementation Depends on PGPLOT install, but ps(p)/psc(c) always available Old
Plotters below this not yet available in release
(mcplot-svg) Python 3 + SVG output Y None None Browser dependent Web-oriented
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