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šŸ–¼ A collection of high-quality anime faces.
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The dataset can be found here:



This dataset should only be used for educational purposes.



Dataset Description

This is an dataset consisting of 63632 high-quality anime faces scraped from, which are then cropped using the anime face detection algorithm in Images sizes vary from 90 * 90 ~ 120 * 120 (you can simply rescale them before using them).

Compared to other widely used datasets (such as the danbooru dataset, which is actually quite a mess), this dataset contains high quality anime character images with clean background and rich colors.

However, few outliers are still present in the dataset:

  • Bad cropping results
  • Some non-human faces.

Feel free to contribute to this dataset by adding images of similar quality or adding image labels.

Source Code

I made the web-scraping and face-detection code open-source. Make modifications as you wish. To scrape the pictures directly from the website and detect the faces on your own, type the following commands:

git clone
cd Anime-Face-Dataset/src

The scraped images will be in the /src/images folder, while the cropped images (character faces) will be in the /src/cropped folder.

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