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Build Badges

Any Badges you have that should be here, e.g. Codeship, TravicCI, whatever.

Project name

Product Owner: Joe Example -

  • Kickoff Date:
  • Project Duration:
  • Current end of contract Date:

Links to relevant docs, repos, etc.

Thing Location
Waffle Board/Kanban Board link
Google Drive link
Sprint Reports link
Continuous Integration link
Staging link
Production link
iOS App Store link
Google Play Store link

Compatibility Targets

Web App Browser Compatibility Targets

OS Browsers
Windows IE 11+, Chrome (latest), Firefox (latest), Edge (latest)
Mac Chrome (latest), Firefox (latest), Safari (latest)
iOS Safari (latest)
Android Chrome (latest)

Native App OS Compatibility Targets

Platform OS Version Install Base
iOS 10 and above
Android 4.4 (KitKat) and above

Native App Device Compatibility Targets

Platform Devices
iOS iPhone 6 and newer
Android Samsung S6, S7, and S8 families

The Project Brief - What is this thing?

The Idea

What is your project? What's the general overview on it?

Who are we building for?

Brief introduction to product owner or company or whover this thing is for

What is the main problem we are trying to solve?

What's the pain point? Why does this thing need to be built?

What is the core loop?

What should this thing do in a nutshell. No bells or whistles, this is what the app does on the most basic level

Nouns and Verbs


The who and what of the project. What user types live in this project? Admins, Customers etc. Maybe there's a piece of a user profile that could provide some context. Add it Here.


The actions users take within the application. Maybe you buy something or connect with a friend. List those actuons here.


Role Person Email
Client Joe Example
Product Owner Joe Example
Product Manager Jimmy PM
Tech Lead Bobby SmartGuy
Engineer Phil KindaSmartGuy
Designer Pretty FontsAndShapes
QA Testy McTesterson
Business Analyst Numbers McGhee
Account Manager Fall Guy

Project Setup

Just a header but everything following is "How do I get this thing running locally?"

Tech Stack

What's the stack Ruby on Rails? Elixr? JS Front End with Mongo DB? List it all here

Build Set Up

Step by step process of getting this thing running. Hopefully you have an install script. If not then get super detailed right here

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