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+Deep Drop Upload
-EKActivityIndicatorView is a class for displaying those "here spins something the app isn't crashed"-wheels for the [Cappuccino]( framework.
-It works completely without images by drawing the animation with CoreGraphics. This guarantees a stunning performance and the ability of setting the view's size and color with ease. All this is brought to you by a 3.5 KB file.
+These classes allow you to turn any CPView in a [Cappuccino]( app into a file upload drop zone. It supports multiple files dropped at once. It works in Safari and Chrome. Firefox support is possible, but hasn't been added.
-Click here to see a [DEMO](
+The most useful classes are:
+* DCFileDropController.j
+* DCFileUploadManager.j
+* DCFileUpload.j
-## Installation
-Simply import the file in your application's AppController or any other class:
- @import "EKActivityIndicatorView.j"
+## Usage
+Import these classes:
-## Usage
+ @import "DCFileDropController.j"
+ @import "DCFileUploadManager.j"
-Inserting an EKActivityIndicatorView in your application is dead simple:
+Apply a DCFileDropController to any CPView:
- var spinner = [[EKActivityIndicatorView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0, 0, 24, 24)];
-Set your favorite color:
- [spinner setColor:[CPColor someColor]];
+ var fileDropUploadController = [[DCFileDropController alloc]
+ initWithView:anyView
+ dropDelegate:self
+ uploadURL:[CPURL URLWithString:@"upload.php"]
+ uploadManager:[DCFileUploadManager sharedManager]];
-Start the animation:
+If you want to change visual state of the view, you can do that with this dropDelegate method:
- [spinner startAnimating];
+ - (void)fileDropUploadController:(DCFileDropController *)theController setState:(BOOL)visible {
+ if (visible) {
+ [theController.view setBackgroundColor:[CPColor colorWithRed:0.0 green:0.0 blue:1.0 alpha:0.2]];
+ } else {
+ [theController.view setBackgroundColor:[CPColor clearColor]];
+ }
+ }
-And if you have enough, stop it:
+If you want to display progress, you can set the DCFileUploadManager delegate:
- [spinner stopAnimating];
+ [[DCFileUploadManager sharedManager] setDelegate:uploadsPanel];
+And process it with this method:
+ - (void)fileUploadManagerDidChange:(DCFileUploadManager *)theManager {
+ var fileUploads = [theManager fileUploads];
+ }

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