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The event-based Java backend for JavaScript
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Tiqo-L (Server)

Tiqo-L-Server is a the backend server for tiqo-l. It is based on Java and used with the JavaScript-based Tiqo-L-Client. But before you start it is essential for you to know what the exact purpose of Tiqo-L is:

Tiqo-L doesn't replace a webserver like apache or nginx!

Tiqo-L wasn't made to host the HTML files even though it might be supported in the future for small standalone projects. Tiqo-L needs a webserver to host the .html files and the JavaScript-client. The real content of the page will be delivered to the client by the server.

Can I write my complete website using Tiqo-L?

Yes you can, but I won't recommence it. Tiqo-L is made to create super responsive web-panels that need real time data (like a performance monitor or a liveticker) or for multi-user applications (like a online document editor or a card game). Using Tiqo-L for very static websites with less to no dynamic content is not recommenced since its wasted server performance (That is why is not made with Tiqo-L). The ideal usage of Tiqo-L is a classic website with Tiqo-L elements (for example in iframes).


A detailed guide on how to install a Tiqo-L server instance and the client, read this page.


The Tiqo-L server will run a core provided in an "core/" subfolder. It will search for a class called "Pointer" inside the default package (no package).

//The Pointer class
import me.m_3.slf.Main; //This is the example Main class. The Main Class must be extending "Core"
import me.m_3.tiqoL.WSServer;
import me.m_3.tiqoL.coreloader.Core;
import me.m_3.tiqoL.coreloader.interfaces.ClassPointer;

public class Pointer implements ClassPointer{

	public Core getCore(WSServer server) {
		return new Main(server , "Your Core name");

The Instance of your Core will be created as soon as the server is ready to serve.


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.


Apache License 2.0

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