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Impact - making it easier to react

This tool will help you respond and react when you see someone making someone else uncomfortable. Or give you the confidence to stop yourself if it happens to you.  Impact will hold your hand and guide you through the jungle of social situations that will require both bravery and actions. 

Impact will help you act next time you see someone being harassed. Or when someone tells a sexist joke. Or uses sexist jargong during the coffee break. Keeping silent is no longer an option if we want to fight sexism once and for all. Silence is acceptance, even if you do not intend to. Sexism exists, even if it is not your fault. 

The app will use common situations and suggest various actions. But the most important thing to do is to actually practice your moral courage. Do it with a friend, colleague, your parents and feel how you improve and feel more confident every time you practice a reaction. Practicing can also help others better understand why reacting can be both easy but also tricky. 

The situations are based on true stories from real people and actual places. Very few of the stories contained reactions so we have had to come up with them ourselves in many cases, mostly by role playing and discussions. 


We soon discovered that most situations only required acting on reflex, with a simple “What did you say?”. But we also realised that many situations could be complicated and would be more effective by using, for instance, subtle, non-verbal methods. 

Functions and features

Basic functions we aim for are practice mode, situations and examples, who can help me and facts.

Future features could be user stories, up-rating examples, statistics, rewards/gamifications features.

Current status

We are still developing the ideas, features and functions. The graphics need a lot of love still and we need to fill it with content, which we have enough to start with.


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