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Clara - a chat bot to improve the social climate

Clara landing page

Why Clara was born

Bad behavior and bad patterns start early. We believe that we as adults have an important task in speaking to our children about what words and acts can do to the people we interact with. Schools today differ a lot when it comes to how prepared they are to deal with these topics. Many times, bad behavior goes unseen and many schools have a very different view of reality compared to what students encounter every day. We want to give schools a real picture of what is going on and provide them with the tools and resources to engage in real conversations with children to create a more positive, inclusive climate.

Step 1 - Chat

With Clara, the children can interact with a bot using a web app in their smartphone, a computer in school or through integration with popular chat applications such as Facebook Messenger or KiK. Clara will ask questions to understand what has happened and how that made the child feel. If the child wants, they will provide details about what school they attend, and they can also have the possibility of interaction with an adult from the school, via the chat.

If what happened appears very serious, or criminal, the chat could be diverted to BRIS. This way Clara can offer escalation in different levels.

Clara also offers a link for the child to save. With this link, the chat can be reopened later, continuing where they left off.

Clara sample chat

Step 2 - Get the picture

School staff can sign in to an administrative application where the most common topics of chats appear. They can also see what topics are most common nation-wide. Any pending chats where children have requested the interaction of adults are also displayed with the possibility to start interaction.

Under each common topic, related material is added. This can be links to articles, experience from other schools or videos recorded by YouTubers known by the children. The purpose is to provide teachers and staff with a good foundation for a conversation with the children.

Admin dashboard References

Step 3 - Talk!

The point of Clara is not to pursue individual bullies. The purpose is to get a real picture of what is going on and start a conversation. This happens face-to-face, in school, in class. This is where the real professionals step in and step up to the challenge. Clara and the related material empowers educators to do an even better job.

Where we are

Clara is just an idea for now. We need to solve a lot of both technical and ethical questions to succeed. But we do believe that Clara can truly make a difference. We don't want any child to grow up saying #metoo again.

Further potential

The bot solution could just as well be used for companies, tweaking the tone and language, using their platforms such as Slack. The goal is the same, a better social climate.


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