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Sample showing the migration from a very simple page using ScriptX.Add-on to being able to work anywhere with ScriptX.Services
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Then To Now

ScriptX.Services evolves ScriptX.Add-on to bring controlled printing to any browser on any device by providing a print service on a Microsoft Windows Server/PC.

This sample shows a simple work-through of taking code from:


Works with ScriptX.Add-on only: then.htm / then-ui.htm



Works with ScriptX.Add-on and ScriptX.Services: now.htm having made a minimum number of changes.

This work-through is discussed at ScriptX.Services for Windows PC though simply by changing the values of attributes will work with any variation of ScriptX.Services.

To test and work with the sample code requires the use of a web server to host and serve the .htm files via localhost (using will not work as it is not included in the evaluation license). Use of a simple node.js based server for delivering the files in a file system folder is discussed at Developer walkthrough.


This repo: Unlicense.

Please note that a ScriptX Publishing License is required to use the sample. The sample source references the evaluation license which works with localhost.

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