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from scapy.all import *
from scapy.layers.inet import UDP,IP
import sys
import collections
import struct
def print_verbose(message):
if verbose:
print message
def parse_dhcp_response(resp):
assigned_ip = None
dhcp_server_ip = None
is_pxe_client = False
pxe_server = None
pxe_file = None
response_type = None
assigned_ip = resp[BOOTP].yiaddr
dhcp_server_ip = resp[BOOTP].siaddr
pxe_server = resp[BOOTP].sname.strip('\0') # Strip null chars
pxe_file = resp[BOOTP].file.strip('\0')
if dhcp_server_ip is None:
dhcp_server_ip = resp[IP].src
if pxe_file is not None:
is_pxe_client = True
print_verbose("Source: " + resp[Ether].src)
print_verbose("Dest: " + resp[Ether].dst)
for opt in resp[DHCP].options:
if opt == 'end':
elif opt == 'pad':
elif opt[0] == 'server_id':
dhcp_server_ip = opt[1]
print_verbose("[+] Assigned IP: %s by %s" % (assigned_ip, dhcp_server_ip))
elif opt[0] == "vendor_class_id":
is_pxe_client = True
elif opt[0] == "message-type":
response_type = DHCPTypes[opt[1]]
elif opt[0] == 67: # Boot File
is_pxe_client = True
if pxe_file is None:
pxe_file = opt[1]
if pxe_server is None:
pxe_server = dhcp_server_ip
print_verbose("DHCP Response: " + str(opt))
print "[*] DHCP %s received from %s" % (response_type, dhcp_server_ip)
return assigned_ip, dhcp_server_ip, is_pxe_client, pxe_server, pxe_file
def dhcp_discover(src_mac, timeout):
param_req_list = ("param_req_list",
disc_options = [("message-type", "discover"),
("max_dhcp_size", 1260),
("vendor_class_id", "PXEClient:Arch:00000:UNDI:002001"),
dhcp_disc = Ether(src=src_mac, dst="ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff") \
/IP(src="", dst="") \
/UDP(sport=68, dport=67)/BOOTP(chaddr=src_mac) \
resp, unans = srp(dhcp_disc,retry=0,timeout=timeout,multi=1,verbose=verbose)
results = list()
if resp is not None:
for r in resp:
return results
print "[-] No DHCP responses received."
def dhcp_request(src_mac,timeout,client_ip,dest_ip,dest_port):
dhcp_req = dhcp_packet_builder("request",src_mac,client_ip,dest_ip,dest_port)
resp = srp1(dhcp_req,retry=0,timeout=timeout,verbose=verbose)
if resp is not None:
return parse_dhcp_response(resp)
print "[-] No response received."
def dhcp_packet_builder(message_type,src_mac,client_ip,dest_ip,dest_port):
param_req_list = ("param_req_list",
req_options = [("message-type", message_type),
("max_dhcp_size", 1260),
("vendor_class_id", "PXEClient:Arch:00000:UNDI:002001"),
dst_mac = getmacbyip(dest_ip)
return Ether(src=src_mac, dst=dst_mac) \
/IP(src=client_ip, dst=dest_ip) \
/UDP(sport=68, dport=dest_port) \
/BOOTP(ciaddr=client_ip,chaddr=src_mac) \
def param_req(param_name):
return chr(DHCPRevOptions[param_name][0])
def run():
import argparse
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Discover PXEBoot servers.')
parser.add_argument('-m', '--method', type=int, default=1,
help='Method to use, 1 full DHCP request (default), 2 broadcast PXE request. ')
parser.add_argument('-t', '--timeout', type=int, default=5,
help='Timeout value (default 5s) to listen for responses in seconds')
parser.add_argument('-v', '--verbose', action='store_true', default=False,
help='Provide verbose feedback')
args = parser.parse_args()
print "[*] PXEClient by Meatballs"
timeout = args.timeout
if timeout > 5:
print "[*] Timeout value set to %s seconds" % timeout
# Initialize Global Variables
global verbose
global bcast_mac
global bcast_ip
verbose = args.verbose
bcast_mac = "ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff"
bcast_ip = ""
# Scapy Configuration - Bind non default layer to receive response (WDS listens on UDP 4011)
bind_layers( UDP, BOOTP, dport=68, sport=4011)
conf.checkIPaddr = False # Process packets sent to etc
fam,hw = get_if_raw_hwaddr(conf.iface) # Get HW Address
src_mac = hw #RandMAC() # Replace this
if args.method == 1:
print "[*] Performing full DHCP sequence"
full_dhcp_method(src_mac, timeout)
elif args.method == 2:
print "[*] Performing PXE Broadcast"
broadcast_method(src_mac, timeout)
def broadcast_method(src_mac, timeout):
print "[*] Sending PXE DHCP Request Probe"
assigned_ip, dhcp_server_ip, is_pxe_client, pxe_server, pxe_file = dhcp_request(src_mac, timeout, "", bcast_ip, 4011)
if is_pxe_client:
print "[+] PXEClient response received from: %s" % dhcp_server_ip
print "[+] PXE server %s" % pxe_server
print "[+] PXE file %s" % pxe_file
#print TFTP_read(pxe_file, pxe_server).run()
except socket.gaierror, e:
print "Exception, probably unable to resolve host."
print e
def full_dhcp_method(src_mac, timeout):
pxe_dhcp_server_ip = None
pxe_file = None
std_dhcp_server_ip = None
client_assigned_ip = None
print "[*] Sending DHCP Discovery Probe"
discover_results = dhcp_discover(src_mac, timeout)
for result in discover_results:
assigned_ip, dhcp_server_ip, is_pxe_client, pxe_server, pxe_file = result
if is_pxe_client:
print "[+] PXEClient response received from: %s" % dhcp_server_ip
print "[+] PXE server %s" % pxe_server
print "[+] PXE file %s" % pxe_file
pxe_dhcp_server_ip = dhcp_server_ip
elif assigned_ip != "":
client_assigned_ip = assigned_ip
if pxe_dhcp_server_ip is not None and pxe_file is None:
print "[*] Sending DHCP Request to %s on UDP port 4011" % pxe_dhcp_server_ip
assigned_ip, dhcp_server_ip, is_pxe_client, pxe_server, pxe_file \
= dhcp_request(src_mac, timeout, client_assigned_ip, pxe_dhcp_server_ip, 4011)
if __name__ == "__main__":