Microsoft Systeminfo Security Bulletin Parser
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Place 'systeminfo' output in this folder (e.g. systeminfo > sysinfo.txt)
Run (use -d to download the bulletin spreadsheet from if you haven't already.)

It will search for any file containing 'sysinfo' within the filename parse them and output to filename.csv.
It searches for 'BulletinSearch' in filenames to find the spreadsheet. It will match the first result so don't keep old versions in the same folder.

Specifying the -l option will call systeminfo on the current system and output the results to local_results.csv.

Using the -w flag will now look for files containing 'qfe' as a result of running ```wmic qfe list``` instead of systeminfo files. This is probably more accurate than systeminfo

Usage: [options]

  -h, --help      show this help message and exit
  -l, --local     inspect local systeminfo file
  -d, --download  download the bulletin spreadsheet
  -w, --wmic      Parse wmic qfe list output (wmic qfe list > qfe.txt)