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Advantage Scout

Note: This system has been replaced by Advantage Scout 2.

Advantage Scout is a custom web based scouting system, which is intended to connect to both team and student devices over Bluetooth PAN. The site is build as a 'web app' using JavaScript, meaning it can run without a persistent connection to the server. It is designed to work on a wide variety of screen sizes in any orientation. Features two scouting layouts which can be switched based on user preference:

  • Classic layout - Uses standard inputs (selectors, counters, textboxes, etc.) simliar to many other scouting apps
  • Visual layout - Shows an interactive diagram of the field so that the movement of game pieces and/or the robot can be modeled visually

The setup of each year's game is fully customizable by editting a JSON preferences file and writing your own 'canvas manager' in JavaScript, which is responible for managing the visual layout. The collected data will be saved in a SQLite database.


The web server is designed to run on Python 3. To check your python version, open a command prompt/terminal and enter python --version You may also have Python 3 installed separately as python3, so try running python3 --version If Python 3 is not installed on your system, you can download it from

Launch the web server by navigating to the root folder of the repository and running

python [port] OR python3 [port]

The server will run on port 8000 by default. The default port, host ip, and database paths can be modified in

Navigation guide

  • (host)/ - Main scouting page. Navigate here on scouting devices.
  • (host)/config - Sets device name. Will be opened automatically on new devices.
  • (host)/download - App download. Links to the latest APK of the Android app, served locally.
  • (host)/admin - System overview. Configures current game, event, and alliance positions. Shows the status of all devices.
  • (host)/export - Manual data export. Produces raw JSON of any matches currently saved offline.


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