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Crate is a PyPI Mirror/Python Package Index that was written to make it easy to discover packages, evaluate them for usefulness, and then install them. Additionally it also focuses on presenting an extremely stable interface to PyPI compatible applications (e.g. pip).

With Crate you should be able to quickly find, evaluate, and install your packages with no worries about if something is going to be down or not.


Discussion about crate can take place either in #crate on freenode, on Github Issues, or on the Trello board located at:

Technology Stack is built on top of Python using the Django framework. It uses Celery to process its shared tasks, PostgreSQL to store its data, and Redis as its caching layer.

Relation to PyPI

The software that powers defaults to PyPI, but can techincally be used with any index that presents the same XMLRPC API. the website currently only mirrors PyPI. All Packages and their associated data come from PyPI. provides a reliable place for those packages to be stored and accessed and tries to present a cleaner and more user-friendly interface to that data.


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