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Commits on Mar 14, 2013
@MedeaMelana Improved describeEvent 9a57997
@MedeaMelana Fixed bug in planeswalkerType 8eac0d1
Commits on Mar 15, 2013
@MedeaMelana describeEvent PlayLand e560f32
Commits on Mar 16, 2013
@MedeaMelana Introduced event sources; temporarily disabled replacement effects aa884e6
@MedeaMelana Moved module M13 to its own new package Magic-Cards 17de575
@MedeaMelana Updated years in license files 36270b5
Commits on Mar 17, 2013
@MedeaMelana Updated travis config e322de1
@MedeaMelana First client/server communication over websockets and AngularJS! 2dec9fb
@MedeaMelana - Moved BasicLands to package Magic-Cards
- package Magic no longer exports Magic.Types
- introduced module Magic which re-exports other relevant modules
@MedeaMelana Bag (Maybe Color) -> ManaPool c4b3950
@MedeaMelana Fixed link to module M13 in readme d886f3e
@MedeaMelana Quick and dirty port of the CLI to the websockets version e7c2b16
@MedeaMelana Events are now sent as JSON e7010c0
@MedeaMelana Another attempt to fix Travis configuration 04be752
Commits on Mar 18, 2013
@MedeaMelana Remove event DidCreateObject 0184e2d
@MedeaMelana New function idToInt fb6f28c
@MedeaMelana More types converted to JSON 3c47913
@MedeaMelana Keep track of the world in $scope; show players and active step 44b76e4
@MedeaMelana Another attempt at fixing Travis 3cfb291
Commits on Mar 20, 2013
@MedeaMelana Host AngularJS locally 591ae7c
@MedeaMelana Display hands 074d8a3
@MedeaMelana All Interact instructions are now sent as JSON 32c96a5
@MedeaMelana Handle question messages; show buttons yes, no, pass c2c0d02
Commits on Mar 21, 2013
@MedeaMelana Formatting af94eb0
@MedeaMelana Bugfixes in JSON conversion a5e0525
@MedeaMelana Clicking on a card now sends the selection back to the server 53e5356
@MedeaMelana Include angular-ui 846dde7
Commits on Apr 10, 2013
@MedeaMelana Constructor Snoc of type TargetList now has a projection function 8eb4ed7
Commits on Apr 11, 2013
@MedeaMelana Made M13 use the new Target projection function 4671b7d
@MedeaMelana Split AdjustLife into GainLife and LoseLife ac916d8
@MedeaMelana Only store Battlefield Id in Event DamageObject 9283878
@MedeaMelana Inlined compileEffects (is a lot less verbose) 3d6ba50
Commits on Apr 14, 2013
@MedeaMelana Generic ability playPermanent ef95620
@MedeaMelana Moved some functions around; added comment headers 8a1b387
Commits on Apr 17, 2013
@MedeaMelana Typo 45bb603
@MedeaMelana Implemented Fervor; first version of layered effects! a80e5b8
@MedeaMelana Renamed Ability -> ActivatedAbility 2d0d7de
Commits on Apr 19, 2013
@MedeaMelana Distinguish between inherent layered effects and temporary layered ef…
@MedeaMelana type Contextual a = ObjectRef -> PlayerRef -> a e4c6fd4
Commits on Apr 20, 2013
@MedeaMelana Removed general data type AdditionalCosts; added more specific TapCost 0b1c297
@MedeaMelana Added catch-all pattern for Angelic Benediction trigger 9497f61
@MedeaMelana Changed argument order of TriggeredAbility 8a42e01
@MedeaMelana Fixed module Json to work with GainLife/LoseLife 1813e0f
@MedeaMelana Added card Aven Squire 0f60fbd
@MedeaMelana Added card Battleflight Eagle 636b716
@MedeaMelana Created helper function onSelfETB ac5ee3a
@MedeaMelana Tidied export lists 456f5a1
@MedeaMelana Created card Captain of the Watch c786101
@MedeaMelana Reordered object properties d2e43c9
@MedeaMelana Created helper functions affectSelf and affectBattlefield 8308011
@MedeaMelana Fixed warnings 6e3858b
@MedeaMelana Replaced type [TriggeredAbility] by compound type TriggeredAbilities ec201b8
Commits on Apr 30, 2013
@MedeaMelana Added card Captain's Call 83ef0f7
Commits on May 04, 2013
@MedeaMelana First version of layered effects! 7f0a5c1
@MedeaMelana Implemented compileModifyObject for DefinePT and ModifyPT 585a33b
@MedeaMelana Fixed bug in Captain of the Watch 36cdc13
@MedeaMelana Implemented compileEffect InstallLayeredEffect 0e456aa
@MedeaMelana Added tick :: Magic Timestamp 5440ab7
@MedeaMelana Using tick in M13 0a16618
@MedeaMelana Removed Timestamp argument from instantiateCard bcbd2df
Commits on May 05, 2013
@MedeaMelana Made StacKItems receive their own ObjectRef on resolution 51cfb2f
@MedeaMelana Added first aura! Divine Favor d627e4a
Commits on May 08, 2013
@MedeaMelana Auxiliary function affectAttached 2f0ca16
Commits on May 10, 2013
@MedeaMelana Moved some functions to more specific modules e139f98
@MedeaMelana Made white deck more diverse 84f85b5
@MedeaMelana Fixed import list of module BasicLands f58d139
@MedeaMelana Fixed dependencies in Magic-Web-Server.cabal 948188a
@MedeaMelana Changed the way Magic-Web-Server is run from Makefile 4c1d2ea
@MedeaMelana Created helper function targetPlayer 750b0e0
@MedeaMelana Added card Blood Artist c9501da
Commits on Jul 06, 2013
@MedeaMelana data Target deriving Eq 6314a89
@MedeaMelana Fixed warning b48c6ac
@MedeaMelana Explicit imports 5d5c8a2
@MedeaMelana Changed type of mkTriggerObject for more convenient calling pattern 5e51206
@MedeaMelana Blood Artist: Trigger only if it is or was on the battlefield. 18ef72a
@MedeaMelana Auxiliary function onlyIf; only raise damage events if amount > 0 9bd6742
@MedeaMelana Make effects that last until end of turn end in the cleanup step bfea409
Commits on Sep 02, 2013
@MedeaMelana New index ObjectType, used by ObjectRef, ZoneRef and ObjectOfType 76ef2fb
@MedeaMelana Workaround for weird type error (see… 3772bb2
@MedeaMelana Fixes for compileEffect GainLife/LoseLife 1464cb4
Commits on Sep 03, 2013
@MedeaMelana Moved record fields from Object to specific ObjectOfTypes 5eaa356
Commits on Sep 04, 2013
@MedeaMelana Added type-equality to build dependencies a2a9af2
@MedeaMelana First version of Garruk, Primal Hunter f66c56e
@MedeaMelana More abilities for Garruk, Primal Hunter 2fc75c0
@MedeaMelana New record field loyalty 300dc54
Commits on Sep 05, 2013
@MedeaMelana Make planeswalker abilities cost loyalty counters 70ef176
Commits on Sep 20, 2013
@MedeaMelana Add Magic.Some to list of modules 92fd19e
@MedeaMelana Added text to list of dependencies 4bc3e16
Commits on Sep 26, 2013
@MedeaMelana Fixed module Magic.Json to compile against the new type-indexed type …
…constructors (ZoneRef etc)
@MedeaMelana Updated comment b5aa3b2
@MedeaMelana Automatically set colors based on the mana cost of an object's play a…
@MedeaMelana Renamed Target to the more general EntityRef 52282be
Commits on Sep 28, 2013
@MedeaMelana EntityRef deriving Show bc78105
Commits on Sep 29, 2013
@MedeaMelana Using ObjectRefs instead of plain Ids d7756c3
@MedeaMelana Fixed warning 7942956
Commits on Oct 06, 2013
@MedeaMelana Added field _attacking :: Maybe EntityRef dbb504d
@MedeaMelana Disabled AskPickReplacementEffect for now b9ddf67
Commits on Nov 08, 2013
@MedeaMelana instance ToJSON ObjectTypes 02e659d
@MedeaMelana instance ToJSON StaticKeywordAbility 18e08df
@MedeaMelana Declare attackers 9717cbc
@MedeaMelana Combat damage 7f19e81
@leonardpunt leonardpunt instance ToJSON GameError 0535060
Commits on Nov 17, 2013
@MedeaMelana Fixed typo 25fc7f3
Commits on Nov 18, 2013
@MedeaMelana Fixed some JSON problems 0adf95f
Commits on Dec 06, 2013
@MedeaMelana Fixed type in JSON output c3705f0
Commits on Dec 26, 2013
@MedeaMelana DamagePlayer causes LoseLife ee8205f
Commits on Jan 05, 2014
@MedeaMelana Describe gaining/losing life 7f2af31
@MedeaMelana Remove creatures from combat in EndOfCombatStep 545e427
@MedeaMelana Remove damage from permanents in CleanupStep d834c77
@leonardpunt leonardpunt implements part of 'ask attackers' feature (does not parse yet) f3f0c55
Commits on Jan 08, 2014
@MedeaMelana module Json now compiles 3694ca7
Commits on Feb 27, 2014
@MedeaMelana Always expect full JSON objects as user input now 61963c4
Commits on Mar 22, 2014
@MedeaMelana Show error in case of unhandled event ad0c2f9
@MedeaMelana Created a new type for an Attack d478aa1
@MedeaMelana Marked some todos as done; only untapped creatures can attack df5efba
Commits on Apr 17, 2014
@MedeaMelana Fix for new type Attack 0ed34b5
@MedeaMelana New type AbilityType fe11ca3
Commits on Apr 19, 2014
@MedeaMelana Reworked the way abilities and alternative costs work 31f828f
Commits on Apr 21, 2014
@MedeaMelana Created ugly version of Misthollow Griffin 270358a
@MedeaMelana Upgrade to fclabels-2.0.1 and text-; replace type-equality wit…
…h functionality from base
@MedeaMelana Upgraded web server to aeson, websockets, text 1.1.0.…
…1; added missing dependencies to cabal file
@MedeaMelana Add cabal-sandbox-related files to .gitignore 1ca34de
@MedeaMelana Updated Magic-Web-Server/Makefile to work with cabal sandbox ca0377e
@MedeaMelana No longer using Aeson.withNumber 77ebaf3
@MedeaMelana Fixed missing other-module Magic.Description 6d4a272
@MedeaMelana Fixed Magic-Cards.cabal e6bfd88
@MedeaMelana Moved CLI test into Magic-Cards for now 2c62703
@MedeaMelana Introduced lower bound on base dependency (because of Data.Type.Equal…
@MedeaMelana Major rework of activation availability: split into `timing' and `ava…
…ilable'; created a single smart playObject activation
@MedeaMelana Moved loyaltyAbility to Magic.Abilities e238de9
@MedeaMelana manaCost now has a maybe type bbd4739
@MedeaMelana Created card Arbor Elf 8da908f
@MedeaMelana Created card Bond Beetle; implemented effect AddCounter 61379b1
@MedeaMelana Added card Chronomaton 43dc161
Commits on Apr 23, 2014
@MedeaMelana collectSBAs now uses View monad 226e298
@MedeaMelana +1/+1 and -1/-1 counters now affect power/toughness c3a9fca
Commits on May 03, 2014
@MedeaMelana TargetLists now immediately contain EntityRefs; introduced TargetSpecs 2d40fd5
@MedeaMelana Helper function `will' 5659df0
@MedeaMelana Renamed mkTriggerObject -> mkTargetTrigger; mkTargetlessTriggerObject…
… -> mkTrigger
@MedeaMelana Stack items now also receive their controller to determine their reso…
…lution effect; further improved targetting/trigger API
Commits on May 10, 2014
@MedeaMelana New helper method targetInZone; implemented cards Disentomb and Tormo…
…d's Crypt
@MedeaMelana Fixed some warnings 07a3a04
@MedeaMelana Created effect Sacrifice a952ed5
@MedeaMelana Removed self reference from mkTrigger, mkTargetTrigger, mkAbility and…
… mkTargetAbility
@MedeaMelana Created helper record defaultActivation 3cc8150
@MedeaMelana Created helper function tapAbility 1db7add
@MedeaMelana Removed label combinators .^ and ~: in favour of . and =.; renamed ~:…
…* to =.*
@MedeaMelana Fixed some warnings 896c304
Commits on May 11, 2014
@MedeaMelana M13 checklands a0b6744
Commits on May 12, 2014
@MedeaMelana Implemented Elixir of Immortality 74f7fd5
@MedeaMelana [701.16d] Check which libraries actually received cards 0761ded
Commits on May 13, 2014
@MedeaMelana shuffleIntoLibrary should also return the move events a635d67
Commits on May 16, 2014
@MedeaMelana Helper function tapAbilityWithCost df126fc
Commits on May 18, 2014
@MedeaMelana Modeled attacking and blocking restrictions; added cards Pacifism, To…
…rmented Soul and Mogg Flunkies to demonstrate
Commits on May 22, 2014
@M0rph3v5 M0rph3v5 divination card added be606c7
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #2 from M0rph3v5/master
divination card added
@M0rph3v5 M0rph3v5 tricks of the trade added 70e41a5
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #3 from M0rph3v5/master
tricks of the trade added
@M0rph3v5 M0rph3v5 cripplingBlight 3d4202a
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #4 from M0rph3v5/master
Crippling Blight added
@MedeaMelana Created helper function affectingSelf 8316b33
Commits on May 27, 2014
@MedeaMelana Moved CLI to its own package a516806
Commits on May 28, 2014
@MedeaMelana More info in README 644d0bc
@gseitz gseitz Fix executable names in build instructions
Magic-Web-Server was pointing to magic-cli.
Magic-CLI was missing the executable.
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #23 from gseitz/patch-1
Fix executable names in build instructions
@MedeaMelana Added section about the web server 5692120
@MedeaMelana Fixed project reference in docs 2df3838
Commits on May 31, 2014
@MedeaMelana Fix activate to work in case you want to pay for mana c057aab
@MedeaMelana No need to use $() for top-level TH 877f7eb
@MedeaMelana Relaxed scientific constraint to support newer versions bc94f8f
@MedeaMelana Renamed LayeredEffect -> LayeredObjectEffect, modifications -> object…
Commits on Jun 06, 2014
@gseitz gseitz Add Card ‘Erase’. 0cebe70
@MedeaMelana Fix export list of Object and ObjectOfType 7551624
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #25 from gseitz/erase
Add Card ‘Erase’.
@gseitz gseitz Add Pillarfield Ox. 016ece2
Commits on Jun 07, 2014
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #28 from gseitz/pillarfield_ox
Add Pillarfield Ox.
@gseitz gseitz Add card 'Faerie Invaders' 9af0e88
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #31 from gseitz/faerie_invaders
Add card 'Faerie Invaders'
@gseitz gseitz Make the travis build work. Build CLI and Web-Server 899e058
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #32 from gseitz/travis
Make the travis build work. Build CLI and Web-Server
@gseitz gseitz Add card 'Mind Sculpt' 0913d2b
@leonardpunt leonardpunt Adds card Serra Angel fcb5ffd
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #29 from gseitz/mindsculpt
Add card 'Mind Sculpt'.
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #34 from leonardpunt/feature/card-serra-angel
Adds card Serra Angel
@gseitz gseitz Add card 'Essence Drain' 07c241c
@leonardpunt leonardpunt Adds card War Falcon 14a9758
@leonardpunt leonardpunt Removes some trailing spaces 1f1088d
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #33 from leonardpunt/feature/card-war-falcon
Adds card War Falcon
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #35 from gseitz/essence_drain
Add card 'Essence Drain'
@leonardpunt leonardpunt Adds card Silvercoat Lion 84cb8da
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #36 from leonardpunt/feature/card-silvercoat-lion
Adds card Silvercoat Lion
Commits on Jun 08, 2014
@gseitz gseitz Add card 'Bloodhunter Bat' 53e8cd3
@gseitz gseitz Add card 'Dark Favor' e5458b2
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #37 from gseitz/bloodhunter_bat
Add card 'Bloodhunter Bat'
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #38 from gseitz/dark_favor
Add card 'Dark Favor'
@leonardpunt leonardpunt Reorders card ‘Erase’ cdbd755
@leonardpunt leonardpunt Adds card ‘Guardian Lions’ 848bea8
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #39 from leonardpunt/feature/card-guardian-lions
Adds card Guardian Lions
@leonardpunt leonardpunt Adds card ‘Healer of the Pride’ 35d374d
@leonardpunt leonardpunt Adds card ‘Guardians of Akrasa’ bd3b283
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #41 from leonardpunt/feature/card-guardians-of-akrasa
Adds card ‘Guardians of Akrasa’
@MedeaMelana Merge remote-tracking branch 'leonard/feature/card-healer-of-the-pride'
@MedeaMelana DefinePT now receives rSelf 506dc4d
@leonardpunt leonardpunt Adds card ‘Crusader of Odric’ a417d35
@gseitz gseitz Implement searching a zone for a card and show usage with Farseek. b584f47
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #42 from leonardpunt/feature/card-crusader-of-odric
Adds card ‘Crusader of Odric’
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #43 from gseitz/search_library
Implement searching a zone for a card and show usage with Farseek.
@gseitz gseitz Reorder blue cards. cfc3416
Commits on Jun 10, 2014
@gseitz gseitz Add card 'Downpour' 93f7ddf
Commits on Jun 11, 2014
@gseitz gseitz Add card 'Show of Valor' 8172d07
Commits on Jun 12, 2014
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #45 from gseitz/show_of_valor
Add card 'Show of Valor'
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #44 from gseitz/downpour
Add card 'Downpour'
@gseitz gseitz Add question: 'AskChoice'
AskChoice takes an optional question 'Text', and  a list of 'Choice'
values associated with a value of type 'a'. The client is responsible
for displaying the question and choices and inquiring an answer.
@gseitz gseitz Add card 'War Priest of Thune'
This is the first card to make use of the new 'AskChoice' question.
Commits on Jun 13, 2014
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #46 from gseitz/war_priest_of_thune
Add card 'War Priest of Thune'
Commits on Jun 14, 2014
@gseitz gseitz Fix CLI display of the colour Blue. ccf67dd
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #48 from gseitz/fix_cli_color_display
Fix CLI display of the colour Blue.
Commits on Jun 19, 2014
@gseitz gseitz Add cards 'Ravenous Rats' and 'Mind Rot'
This commit also adds helper functions for asking the player to choose
from a set of cards.
Commits on Jun 20, 2014
@gseitz gseitz Angelic Benediction: Adhere to the 'may' in the card text.
The card text says "you may tap target creature", but the implementation
would always result in tapping the  target creature. This can make a
difference if only Angelic Benediction and Guardian Lions are on the
battlefield, Guardian Lions attacks, yet you want to keep it untapped 
(eg. for blocking potential opponent's creatures with Haste).
Commits on Jun 24, 2014
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #50 from gseitz/angelic_benediction_fix
Angelic Benediction: Adhere to the 'may' in the card text.
Commits on Jul 16, 2014
@gseitz gseitz Attackers without Vigilance are now tapped. f587035
Commits on Jul 17, 2014
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #52 from gseitz/tap_attackers
Attackers without Vigilance are now tapped.
Commits on Aug 20, 2014
@MedeaMelana Describing ChoiceCard now uses describeObjectByRef 8b02141
@MedeaMelana Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 58dac1b
Commits on Oct 04, 2014
@gseitz gseitz Add reveal functionality + Lilian's Shade b606606
Commits on Oct 05, 2014
@MedeaMelana Merge pull request #51 from gseitz/reveal
Add reveal functionality + Lilian's Shade
@gseitz gseitz New Card: Yeva's Forcemage 6fe5d41
@gseitz gseitz New Card: Titanic Growth 6662305
@gseitz gseitz New Card: Vastwood Gorger 8bc1f84
@gseitz gseitz New Card: Spiked Baloth cada2d0
@gseitz gseitz New Card: Serpent's Gift a408e8a
@gseitz gseitz New Card: Sentinel Spider 7a28619
@gseitz gseitz New Card: Roaring Primadox 9a41cd9
@gseitz gseitz New Card: Revive f1c39e6
Commits on Oct 13, 2014
@gseitz gseitz New Card: Quirion Dryad f919e00
@gseitz gseitz New Card: Primal Huntbeast 1b1988c
@gseitz gseitz New Card: Prey Upon 928900b
@gseitz gseitz New Card: Plummet b368401
@gseitz gseitz New Card: Naturalize 3475e1a
@gseitz gseitz New Card: Elvish Visionary be6028d
@gseitz gseitz New Card: Duskdale Wurm 4f703fc
@gseitz gseitz New Card: Deadly Recluse 9d36d60
@gseitz gseitz New Card: Centaur Courser 82418e5
@gseitz gseitz New Card: Bountiful Harvest 7425e80
@gseitz gseitz New Card: Acidic Slime aa9bd92
@gseitz gseitz New Card: Elvish Archdruid 39df371
@gseitz gseitz New Card: Fungal Sprouting 4ce1d8d
Commits on Mar 14, 2015
@MedeaMelana PlayCard now takes an ObjectRef TyCard 8c661ee
Commits on Jun 01, 2015
@MedeaMelana Updated dependencies 8562cd0
@MedeaMelana Update travis build file; test only with latest GHC 5070abc