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Readme aangepast: links naar de nieuwe examples.

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@@ -2,6 +2,12 @@ Zwaluw is a Haskell combinator library for specifying URL routers. The routers
are bidirectional: they parse a URL into a sitemap and serialise sitemap
values back to URLs. Because you specify such a router only once, the
resulting parser and serialiser are each other's inverse *by construction*.
-See [Example.hs][example] for an example router.
+Zwaluw derives pure routers for all your constructors. You can either use pure
+Template Haskell to derive these routers (see [ExampleTH.hs][exampleTH]), or
+use the regular package (see [ExampleRegular.hs][exampleRegular]). With those
+constructor routers, you can build your own router, combining them and
+producing/consuming URLs. Both files contain an example of this.
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