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Template Haskell support for generating the constructor routers #2

MedeaMelana opened this Issue Nov 23, 2010 · 1 comment

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Currently the constructor routers need to be written by hand. For example:

data Sitemap
  = Home
  | Echo String

home :: Router r (Sitemap :- r)
home = constr0 Home (\m -> do Home <- m; return ())

echo :: Router (String :- r) (Sitemap :- r)
echo = constr1 Echo (\m -> do Echo s <- m; return s)

This needs to be generated by Template Haskell so that for users this is replaced by:

$(routeConstructors ''Sitemap)

This has been fixed!

There is even a solution in terms of the generic programming package "regular".

This issue was closed.
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