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Version 0.20.11, 2020-11-19
+ Support merging multiple dv streams of same content to a better output.
+ Add track duration post-check to dvpackager
+ Fix errorenous recording timestampls
+ Fixes for dvpackager
+ Add -h outputs for all tools
+ XML Schema updates for concealment issues and missing data packs
+ Gather more device info in avfctl
+ Support custom output directories in dvplay
+ Other fixes, plus fixes that are upstream in MediaInfoLib
Version 0.20.06, 2020-07-01
+ Refactoring of dvpackager
+ More media attributes
+ Add -foreground and -status options to avfctl
Version 0.20.05, 2020-05-29
+ Initial draft of dvrescue.xsd
+ Version 1.1 of dvrescue.xsd
+ Add dvplay
+ Add dvsampler
+ Add dvpackager
+ Add dvloupe
+ Swtich to BSD 3 license
+ Add technical subtitle output to dvrescue as webvtt format
+ Add scc and srt output for dv embedded captions
+ Add options to dvpackager to split output of packaged dv
+ Add avfctl dv capture utility
+ Add captioning data to dvrescue xml
+ Optimization for noting boundaries between technically distinct
sequences of dv frames within a stream
Version 0.19.11, 2019-11-13
Initial release with report of frame format change and STA & Audio
errors per Dseq