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1.0, 2018-04-09
+ Add possibility to wrap 'qctools.xml.gzip' report into 'mkv' to save thumbnails too
+ Add 'Entropy' and 'Entropy-diff' filters
+ Add 'Line Over Time' player
+ Add bar charts:
|- support of multiple colored conditions per chart
|- ability to specify condition using JS syntax
|- conditions editor with autocomplete and conditions validation
|- saving/loading charts conditions
|- predefined set of conditions
+ Introduce scriptable min/max for y-axis with JS syntax
+ Extract & save all the stats from each frame (eliminate the difference in output between ffmpeg & qcli)
+ Add xflat option to waveform
+ Polish UI (move filters view icon to the right, disable some menu items if no files selected, reduce space between thumbnails etc.)
+ Add 'Pixel Scope' player
+ Allow to jump into selected file's folder using 'reveal file location' menu item
+ Improve accuracy of grid overlay
+ Add 'Corners' player
+ Have QCTools open with the same filters that were selected when it was last closed
+ Show list of 20 recently opened files in 'File' menu
+ Add ability to zoom x/y axis and pan with mouse wheel & middle mouse button
+ Add code of conduct, update documentation, tooltips & contributing guidelines
- Remove support for dotXml sidecars
- Remove csv export
- Remove experimental blackmagic integration
~ Code cleanup
x Add 'bits_per_raw_sample' to stream stats
x Fix compatibility issues with the latest ffmpeg
x Fix crash when there is no video stream and first stream is not audio either
x Use correct labelling for interlacement values
x Fix sample rate value in table
x Fix sample aspect ratio in table
x Fix limiter default max value for non 8-bit footage
x Fix a few plots alignment issues
x Fix 'Arrow keys do not page through frames in filter view'
x Flush filtering pipeline to write stats for the last frame correctly
0.9, 2017-08-15
+ Add scaling options for players (now with 100%, fit to window, and free scale)
+ Oscilloscope player
+ Support for a comments track for temporal annotations
+ Support a horizontal offset variable in 10 column Bit Plane player
+ Update graph selection from checkboxes to toggle buttons
+ Refactoring player code, deduplication, and cleanup
+ Add phase meter player
+ Documentation updates
+ Expanded --debug mode
+ Add a deflicker graph
+ Keyboard shortcut to copy the active timestamp
+ Add a chroma delay player
+ Add a luma adjust player
+ Add limiter player
+ Add Vectorscope High Low player
+ Update Broadcast Illegal Focus to use lutyuv rather than geq, better with non-8-bit
x Fixes to frame tiles and value highlight players
x Fixes scaling issues when there is a selection box
x Fix loading pkt_size and pkt_duration from xml.gz files
x Fix to use of VREP player with field split
0.8, 2017-04-15
+ Added a QCTools command line interface, "qcli"
+ Added integration with Signalserver, uploading QCTools Report
+ Added aphasemeter player
+ Optimizations for playback and multithreading
+ Added ffprobe's stream and format metadata to the QCTools Report
+ Added graphs to plot packet duration time and packet size
+ Adjusted graphs y-axis to accommodate non-8 bit values
+ Display frame type in playback window
+ Added Cb and Cr shifting to the Chroma Adjust player
+ Added documentation for filters, thx @retokromer @kieranjol
+ Rework of documentation from development in HTML to Markdown
+ Added audio bitscope player (abitscope)
+ Added a 10 column bit player (shows a sample of the first 10 MSBs)
+ Added integration of font management to drawing text in playback filters
+ Graphs can be rearranged by dragging their checkboxes
+ The List view can be sorted by filename
+ Alphabetized the playback filter menu
+ Consolidate to one .pro file with options to build with homebrew or with decklink
+ Added EIA608 and VITC viewer
+ Added contribution guidelines to repository
- Fix crash on incomplete Matroska
- Fix to vectorscope when fields are split
- Fix crashes when the input contains audio but no video
- Fixing on opening xml.gz files
0.7.3, 2016-10-10
+ Added graphing the SSIM (Structural SImilarity Metric) between the two fields
+ Added graphing interlacement detection data
+ Added graphing audio metric data via astats filter
+ Draggable/resizeable selection area in Waveform Target, Vectorscope Target, and Zoom
+ Support for plotting data in 10 bit when revelant (affects graphs for Y, U, V, Diffs, and SAT)
+ Add shortcut to zoom in on the graphs to show one sample per display pixel
+ Update waveform and vectorscope to show graticules
+ Sortable graph order
+ Improve playback filter for bitplanenoise
+ Add playback filter for bitplanenoisegraph
+ Add playback filter for waveform target
+ Improve playback filter for waveforms, datascope, line select, ciescope, histogram
x Fixes error when opening files on external hard drives
x Fixed many crashes
x Fix on sliders when they increment in steps smaller than 1
0.7.2, 2015-11-17
+ Add plotlines for reference black and white in YUV graphs (GitHub issue #96)
+ Add plotlines for broadcast illegal and yuv illegal saturation levels
+ Update waveform and vectorscope filters to new waveform and vectorscope filters in FFmpeg 2.8
+ Add field modes to Tile and Zoom
+ Add astats-based audio data
+ Preferences
x Fixed crash with some big MOV files having count of audio samples of the count of audio blocks in the track header instead
0.7.1, 2015-05-15
+ Expanded documentation and example images
+ Sample range filter - show broadcast against full range interpretation
x Fixed crash with MOV files having non video/audio tracks (e.g. a caption track)
x Fixed crash with some AVI files having streams with unknown format
x Mac-styled toolbar disabled because the toolbar dos not permit to move the window as expected by Mac users
x Show hh:mm:ss.mmm in playback window even if evaluation hasn’t happened yet
x Fix crash with files having timecode as the first track
0.7.0, 2015-02-17
+ Saturation Highlight playback filter
+ Zoom playback filter
+ Graph tracker text with semi transparent gray background
+ Basic support of Blackmagic DeckLink (tested on Mac, looking for a tester on Windows and Linux)
+ Added metadata columns in table view for color space, color range, frame rate details, sample aspect ratio
+ Added 'Broadcast Illegal Focus' filter
x Zooming in with more than the default graphs, shifts display offset (GitHub issue #41)
x Left-align graph labels, instead of centering them (GitHub issue #45)
x Y-scale label values disappear when zooming (GitHub issue #46)
x Seek was not possible in the playback window during the analysis
x Some colors change, marker text contains data values (GitHub issue #23)
x Support of Mac OS X 10.6 (GitHub issue #63)
0.6.2, 2014-10-29
x Memory leaks removed
0.6.1, 2014-10-15
x Crash with MP4 files on Mac OS X 10.7 (GitHub issue #40)
0.6.0, 2014-10-09
+ Summarization statistics
+ pkt_duration_time is added to tha sidecar stats file in order to get the real end timestamp of the stream
+ The full width of graphs is used
+ File list info shows empty data instead of 0 when the video file is not present
+ Speed improvements
+ The graph marker is now on a frame value
+ RHEL/CentOS 6/7 binaries
+ Debian 6 binaries
+ Ctrl+G keyboard shortcut for "Go to frame at position" (GitHub issue #30)
+ F1 keyboard shortcut for help
x Minimize/maximize button on video preview window (GitHub issue #24)
x Position of cursor in graph not updated, when moving in preview window (GitHub issue #18)
x YUVJ (full range) were shrinked to broadcast range, now using Ffmpeg update for better YUVJ handling (GitHub issue #36)
x Wrong graphs in case FFmpeg does not provide a PTS e.g. with AVI (GitHub issue #12)
x Slight documentation corrections
x The sidecar stats file was not correctly detected if the media file is open instead of the sidecar stats file
x Linux only: The sidecar stats file was not correctly loaded
x Fix corrupted Broadcast Range display in some inputs (GitHub issue #10)
x Line select now plots one line in a waveform, previous the next line and next line were plotted
x MSEf, PSNR: Y and V were inverted
x UI was not showing graphs if the file is open via the menu
x Windows: icon was not always displayed in Windows menu
x Mac: Playback window was not pushed to the forefront of the screen when a user clicks on a thumbnail but the first time
x When clicking the "zoom in" button an insane number of times, QCTools was crashing (GitHub issue #39)
0.5.0, 2014-09-12
+ New graph filters (Crop...)
+ Updated playback filters (with more options e.g. color picker, vertical filters)
+ Y-axis has minutes, hours options
+ Frame positioning vertical line
+ Import/Export of .qctools.xml.gz stats file (compatible with Ffmpeg 2.3 output)
+ Updated documentation
+ Using official FFmpeg 2.3
0.4.0, 2014-04-26
+ New graph filters (MSEf, PSNR...)
+ New playback filters (Value hightlight, Chroma adjust...)
+ Configurable playback filters (with checkboxes, radiobuttons, sliders...)
+ Multifiles support
+ Refreshed UI
+ Speed optimizations
+ Tested compatibility with Windows XP to 8, Mac OS X 10.6 to 10.9
0.3.0, 2014-01-27
+ Refactoring of code, optimization of performance/binary size/memory footprint/count of bytes read from disk
+ Using display aspect ratio from the stream
+ Video filters update
+ Documentation update
+ Slider in Video Analysis Window
+ Double-view in Video Analysis Window
+ Resizable Video Analysis Window
+ License update (more detailed)
x Documentation is now conform to XHTML strict
x HEAD values were not correctly loaded from the sidecar CSV file
0.2.0, 2014-01-20
+ Using ffmpeg library instead of ffmpeg command line for thumbnail creation and picture display (speed improvement)
+ Playback (fast/normal/slow rewind, fast/normal/slow forward)
+ Documentation update
+ Tooltips above checkboxes
+ "License" renamed to "About" (moved to the application menu on Mac OS X in order to meet UI guidelines)
+ CSV export: an header line is added
+ Ability to read the sidecar CSV file (named "FileName.FileExtension.qctools.csv") during file opening
0.1.6, 2013-11-11
+ FFmpeg is compiled with YASM and GPLv3: smoother decoding and all predefined filters are present
+ Possibility to select frames instead of seconds for X axis
+ New block in main window with all stats about the current frame
x Small shift of x axis is corrected (Mac only)
0.1.5, 2013-11-07
x Plots add/remove is smoother
x Plots add/remove was crashing if no file is open (0.1.4 regression)
x previous/next buttons in image display window are back (0.1.4 regression)
x previous/next buttons in image display window disabled when not applicable (e.g. Previous is disabled with frame 0)
x All Diffs plots are correclty scaled and limited to 255
x x axis were no more aligned due to the "Frame" label (0.1.3 regression)
+ y axis is forced to 0-1 scale (intead of -1 to 1) if data is always 0
0.1.4, 2013-11-07
x Partially re-factorized code for better stability
x Zoom out does not show anymore empty parts of the graphs
x FFmpeg filtering with missing filters in formula are removed
0.1.3, 2013-10-30
x Zoom is centered on the current frame
0.1.2, 2013-10-30
+ add previous/next buttons to image display window
x Fluctuating Graph Widths
x Big main window
0.1.1, 2013-10-02
+ License update
+ Help files update
+ ffmpeg update in order to fix timescale issue
+ frames bigger as screen are resized
+ frames cache size reduced to 20 frames (instead of 100 frames) for speed improvement
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