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Emby Developer Documentation

Developer Audience

This wiki is written for developers.

For user documentation please visit the Emby User Wiki

This wiki provides general information about developing solutions targeting the Emby Server API. It is recommended to read through the topics on the right side before getting started.

Accessing the API

The Emby Server API can be reached via:


Request and Respose Types

The Emby Server API supports both JSON and XML formatted http requests and responses. The format type can be controller via the http "Content-Type" header. Appropriate values are "application/json" or "application/xml".


There are two different ways to authenticate with Emby Server:

  • User Authentication
    With user authentication, you can log in to Emby Server by transmitting a username and a password.
    Typical use of this method is the development of client applications that will be interactively operated by an Emby user.

  • API Key Authentication
    This authentication method allows accessing the Emby Server API by using a static token. Authentication via API key is the right choice for integration scenarios with other applications, servers or services that are not tied to a certain user's context.

Emby API Browser

Our developer wiki should be your first stop for information about developing with Emby server and is primarily aimed at getting your started. For all the details about operations that can be performed, their parameters, request and return types, you need to visit the Emby API Browser.

Depending on whether you have access to a running Emby server or not, you can choose between two variants.

  • Emby API Browser (Static Version)
    Explore the Emby API when you don't have access to a running Emby server.
    Allows browsing through all details but without interaction.

  • Emby API Browser (Interactive Tryout)
    With this variant you can not only view all API definitions - you will also be able to interactively perform calls against the API and view the results.
    This variant must be launched from the Server Dashboard of a running Emby Server installation.

Launching the Interactive API Browser

To launch the interactive version of the API Browser please follow these steps:

  • You need to have access to a running installation of Emby Server as an administrator
  • Open the Server Dashboard
    This is the web UI where you have performed all configuration of Emby Server
  • On the main dashboard page scroll down to the bottom of the right area
    (you hit the right page when the URL is ending with '.../web/dashboard.html')
  • On the bottom you will see a number of links
  • Click on Api, and the API Browser will open in a new window.

API Client Libraries

Additionally, other sources for API documentation are the official API client libraries.

Contributing to Emby

We have a growing team but are still looking for more contributors to help us realize a few more goals.

Specifically, we are seeking:

  • Any developer who wishes to use our api for any purpose
  • WPF/.NET developers to contribute to Emby Theater, whether by means of direct contribution, and/or theme or plugin development.
  • Strong .NET developers are always welcome
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