Introduction to Live TV and DVR

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Emby provides a flexible and very powerful Live TV and DVR solution. With Emby’s TV you will be able to stream Live or Recorded TV content to any device you have with an Emby client or web browser.

Want to watch TV on your iPad or Android notebook? Want to watch a football game live on your Mobile Phone when out and about? How about being able to easily setup recordings from anywhere at any time? Emby can do all this and a whole lot more.

You can use Emby to eliminate the need for cable STBs (Set Top Boxes) throughout the house saving you money each and every month on rental fees per STB. You can even eliminate your cable provider entirely by cutting the cord and switching to OTA (Over the Air) broadcasts for all of your local channels. If you need national network channels like CNN, Fox News, Hallmark, ESPN, etc then Emby can do this too. Emby fully supports Premium TV by Silicon Dust which includes 45 national network channels. If that wasn’t enough, Emby fully supports the use of IPTV so you can add any service of your choosing that uses true IPTV. You can even add your IPTV security cameras to your channel list! Yes, Emby is that flexible!

Emby supports multiple EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) sources so you can use whatever source of guide content required for your unique setup. If are in the USA, Canada or the United Kingdom, Emby will provide this data for you out of the box for no additional cost using the excellent feature rich guide data built right in.

If that wasn’t enough, not only can you mix and match all of this into one easy to use system, but you can also configure which of your users have access. You determine what users can view Live TV and which of your users can setup Recordings.

How’s that for a powerful Live TV & DVR solution?

Getting started

Media organization


Emby 4.0 Migration

Hardware Acceleration


Live TV

Emby Apps

Offline Downloading




Emby Premiere

Advanced Topics

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