Is there a limit to Emby Premiere

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All of the standard Emby Premiere membership options are designed for single-household use and carry with them a limit of 15 devices supported for Emby Premiere features.

In our experience over a number of years, this standard license is sufficient for 95%+ of our users. If, however, you have a need to support more devices than this we do have several extended device options for you to choose from.

The Emby configuration dashboard will warn you if you are close to or over your device limit so the best thing to do is just wait for that to show you are close and then choose a larger option if desired.

Important points to remember:

  • Very few users actually require more device support than the standard license.
  • The limit applies only to Emby Premiere features so only apps that utilize those features will count towards the limit.
  • The limit is tied to an Emby Premiere key, not a server so, if your key is in use on more than one server, then the limit will apply across all of them cumulatively.
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