Keyboard and Remote Support

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This document applies to the following apps:

  • Emby Theater Web app
  • Emby Theater for Windows
  • Emby Theater for Raspberry Pi
  • Emby Theater for Linux
  • Emby for Samsung Tizen
  • Emby for Xbox One
  • Emby for Sony PS4

To learn about supported input for other apps, please see the information page for the app you're looking for:

Device Support

This document will list all of the supported keys that are recognized. Please note, not all devices have all of these keys available.

General Navigation

  • alt-left: navigate back
  • alt-b: navigate back
  • alt-right: navigate forward
  • page-up: scroll forward in list
  • page-down: scroll backward in list
  • end: scroll to end of list
  • home: return to app home screen
  • control-t: Nagivate to Live TV
  • control-g: Nagivate to Live TV Guide
  • control-r: Record - works when highlighting a program or on program detail screen
  • control-o: Navigate to Recorded TV
  • control-d: show menu or info for selected content (if available)

Video Playback

  • spacebar: toggle play/pause
  • control-shift-a: cycle through audio tracks
  • control-u: cycle through subtitle tracks
  • control-p: toggle play/pause
  • control-shift-p: play selected media
  • control-shift-s: stop
  • control-shift-f: skip forward
  • control-f: next chapter or track
  • control-shift-b: skip backward
  • control-b: previous chapter or track
  • left: rewind, if on-screen display is not showing
  • right: fast-forward, if on-screen display is not showing
  • Shift+Left arrow: rewind
  • Shift+Right arrow: fast-forward
  • F8: toggle mute
  • F9: volume down
  • F10: volume up
  • F: toggle full-screen
  • M: toggle mute
  • PageUp: Next chapter in video
  • PageDown: Previous chapter in video
  • Channel up: Next channel (or next track if not playing live tv)
  • Channel down: Previous channel (or previous track if not playing live tv)

Windows Media Keys

The following special keys on Windows keyboards are supported:

  • search/find: launch app search function
  • favorites: navigate to favorites
  • home: navigate to home
  • menu/info: show menu or info for selected content (if available)
  • back
  • forward
  • toggle mute
  • volume up
  • volume down
  • channel up
  • channel down
  • rewind
  • fast forward
  • next track
  • previous track
  • record
  • pause
  • play
  • stop
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