Live TV Plugins

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Out of the box, Emby Server supports a small selection of TV Tuners that are available on the market. If you need to add support for other kinds of tuners or tv guide data sources, this can be achieved by installing a Live TV plugin.

Please note that each plugin depends on a standalone application of the same name. For example, the ServerWMC plugin for Emby also requires the standalone ServerWMC application.

Each plugin will provide it's own documentation, including list the tuner hardware they support as well as the installation requirements.

How to Install a Live TV Plugin

Live TV Service providers are available in the plugin catalog.

To browse the catalog, open the server dashboard and navigate to Plugins -> Catalog.

For more information on plugins, as well as how to install and configure them, see Plugins.

Service Provider Settings

To configure the settings for your service provider, simply click on it within My Plugins.

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