Log Files

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You can access Emby Server Log files from the dashboard UI by navigating to Help >> Logs and view them in a browser window.

The physical location of log files is displayed on the dashboard main page in the Paths section.

Log Rollover

By default, Emby Server will start a new log file every day at midnight. The current log file will be renamed and postfixed by a timestamp value.

You can control log rollover through in the Scheduled Tasks section by modifying the execution schedule of the Rotate Logfile task

Log file types

There are three types of log files:

  • EmbyServer_xxxxx.txt
    The main server log file, rotated as described above
  • ffmpeg_xxxx.txt
    Transcoding logs created for each transcoding or remuxing operation
  • hwdetect_xxxxx.txt
    Hardware detection log. Created on every startup of Emby Server

Fail2Ban Support

Emby Server creates log entries for authentication failures that are compatible with Fail2Ban: The schema is:

AUTH-ERROR: {0} - {1}

where {0} is the source IP address and {1} is the error message.

For example:

2018-12-28 00:00:00.007 Error AUTH-ERROR: - Invalid username or password entered.
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