Movie naming

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This file naming guide applies to movies, home videos and music videos. For tv episode naming, see TV naming.

Library Setup

When setting up the library, make sure to select Movies, Home videos, or Music videos as the content type.

For movies, it is recommended to have only the title and year, followed by the extension. To improve matching add the year within parenthesis to the end of the file or folder name (before the extension, if file name). This naming standard will generally yield the best results.


\Movies\Pulp Fiction (1994).avi
\Movies\Reservoir Dogs (1992).avi
\Movies\The Usual Suspects (1995).avi
\Movies\Avatar (2009)-cd1.mkv
\Movies\Avatar (2009)-cd2.mkv
\Movies\Avatar (2009)\somefilename.mkv
\Movies\The Usual Suspects (1995)\somefilename.avi
\Movies\The Usual Suspects (1995)\somefilename-cd1.avi
\Movies\The Usual Suspects (1995)\somefilename-cd2.avi
\Movies\Avatar (2009)\Avatar (2009)-cd1.mkv
\Movies\Avatar (2009)\Avatar (2009)-cd2.mkv

Dvd and Blu-ray

Dvd and Blu-ray folder structures are also supported. To be recognized as a dvd structure, the folder must contain either a VIDEO_TS subfolder, or a VIDEO_TS.ifo file. To be recognized as a blu-ray structure, the folder must contain a BDMV subfolder.

\Movies\Alien (1979)\VIDEO_TS.IFO
\Movies\Léon (1994)\VIDEO_TS.IFO
\Movies\Scarface (1983)\VIDEO_TS.IFO


 \Movies\Alien (1979)\VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.IFO
 \Movies\Léon (1994)\VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.IFO
 \Movies\Scarface (1983)\VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.IFO


Emby Server has basic support for videos stored in ISO format. This includes the ability to catalog the ISO's within Emby Server, and play them in HTPC-based apps such as Emby for Kodi and Emby for Windows Media Center. Other apps will generally only be able to play them with the use of an external player.

ISOs should be named just like any other video file, with one minor difference. Including ".dvd" or ".bluray" within the file name will allow Emby Server to automatically determine what type of ISO it is. If this is not included, it will be assumed to be DVD.

\Movies\Alien (1979)\Alien (1979).dvd.iso
\Movies\Léon (1994)\Léon (1994).bluray.iso
\Movies\Scarface (1983)\Scarface (1983).iso

Split video files (file stacking)

The following are default stacking extensions that can be added to file names. # can be 1 through 9 or A through D. Stacking is supported for video files as well as dvd and blu-ray folder structures.

  • ​part#​
  • ​cd#​
  • ​dvd#​
  • ​pt#​
  • ​disk#​
  • ​disc#​

You can also use:

  • moviename#.ext

Where # can be A through D.


\Movies\Avatar (2009)\Avatar (2009)-cd1.mkv
\Movies\Avatar (2009)\Avatar (2009)-cd2.mkv
\Movies\Scarface (1983)\Disc 1\VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.IFO
\Movies\Scarface (1983)\Disc 2\VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.IFO

Multi-version movies

Multiple versions of the same content can be stored in a single movie folder.

    /300 - 1080p.mkv
    /300 - 720p.mp4
    /300 - extended edition.mp4
    /300 - directors cut.mp4
    /300 - 3D.hsbs.mp4
    /300 [720p].mp4

Each version must begin with the folder name, followed by " - " or brackets " [720p] ". If this requirement is not met, they will be treated as separate videos. The text following the dash can be anything you want and will be what you see when Emby apps give you the option to select a specific version.

Note: The above example includes a 3D version, which is discussed in the 3D Video naming guide.

Movie extras

Special features for movies can be stored as video files in an extras folder under movie folders. Nested folders are not supported.

In addition to extras, several other sub-folder names are supported:

  • extras
  • specials
  • shorts
  • scenes
  • featurettes
  • behind the scenes
  • deleted scenes
  • interviews
  • trailers
   /Home Alone (1990)
      Home Alone (1990).mkv
      /behind the scenes

Note: Be sure the movie file has been put in place at the same time as or before adding extras to avoid the extras being mis-identified as movies themselves.

Video images

Images are supported in video folders. Below is a table of the supported image file names. Supported image extensions are jpg, jpeg, png, gif and tbn.

Several image types support multiple file names. They are listed in the order that they're checked for.

Image Type Supported file names
Primary {name}.ext
Art {name}-clearart.ext
Backdrop backdrop.ext, backdropX.ext
fanart.ext, fanart-X.ext
background.ext, background-X.ext
art.ext, art-X.ext
extrafanart (subfolder)/fanartX.ext
Banner {name}-banner.ext
Disc {name}-disc.ext
Logo {name}-logo.ext
Thumb {name}-thumb.ext

{name} represents the video file name, without extension. For videos that are not contained within their own folder, only the conventions using {name} are supported.

For backdrops, X represents a number, and you can have any amount of numbered backdrops. For example:


3D videos

3D video files are supported. See 3D videos.

Media stubs

Media stubs are supported. See media stubs.

Strm files

Strm files are supported. See strm files.


Subtitles are supported. See subtitles.

Theme songs & videos

Theme songs & videos are supported. See theme songs & videos.


Trailers are supported. See trailers.

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