Music naming

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The recommended folder structure for music is Artist\Album\Song

    \Artist Name
       \Album Name
          1- Song.mp3
          2- Song.mp3

This is not a requirement and other structures will also work, but this is the most common method. Some other examples of supported structures are Album\Song:

    \Album Name
          1- Song.mp3
          2- Song.mp3

Or even a flat library of song files:

    1- Song.mp3
    2- Song.mp3

Any naming convention for audio files is acceptable. Track numbers are retrieved using embedded ID3 tag information.

Multi-Disc Albums

Albums can have disc sub-folders using any of the following folder names, where X represents the disc number:

  • Disc X
  • Disk X
  • CD X
  • Disc-X
  • Disk-X
  • CD-X
  • DiscX
  • DiskX
  • CDX
  • VolX
  • Vol-X
  • VolumeX
  • Volume-X

For example:

    \Artist Name
       \Album Name
         \Disc 1
            1- Song.mp3
            2- Song.mp3
         \Disc 2
            1- Song.mp3
            2- Song.mp3

Music Images

Images are supported in both artist and album folders, as well as images embedded within audio files. Below is a table of the supported image file names:

Supported image extensions are jpg, jpeg, png and tbn.

Several image types support multiple file names. They are listed in the order that they're checked for.

Image Type Supported file names
Primary folder.ext
Art clearart.ext
Backdrop backdrop.ext, backdropX.ext
fanart.ext, fanart-X.ext
background.ext, background-X.ext
art.ext, art-X.ext
extrafanart (subfolder)/fanartX.ext
Banner banner.ext
Disc disc.ext
Logo logo.ext
Thumb thumb.ext

For backdrops, X represents a number, and you can have any amount of numbered backdrops. For example:

    \Artist Name

Music Videos

To add music videos, setup a library with the type "Music Videos". The naming conventions for music videos are identical to movies.

To identify the artists and albums of music videos, use the metadata manager. Simply edit a music video:

Then enter the artist(s) and/or album:

Once complete, the artist and album pages will display links to the music videos.

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