Older HDHomeRun Support

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Older HDHomeRun tuners without support for DLNA are supported by Emby but require a bit of pre-setup before Emby can use them.

The required steps are as follows:

  1. Download and install the latest Windows software. First Silicon Dust Forum and install the HDHomeRunm software directly on your Emby server.

  2. Update Firmware Use it to update the FIRMWARE to the latest version for your device (use beta or release version, which ever is newest). <--This step is super important.

The minimum firmware required is 20161117, but install the latest/greatest firmware available for your HDHomeRun.

  1. Run a complete channel scan in the HDHomeRun Software you just installed in step #1. This is required even if it has been run previously and already shows channels.

  2. Install and launch the latest HDHomeRun app for Windows, XBox One, or Mac - it should detect the HDHomeRun tuner and show live TV.

You can now proceed with normal Emby tuner setup.

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