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MFP Logo is a 'frontend' system running on the same network as your HTPC allowing control of multiple applications via a centralized web page.

MFP Screenshot

MediaFrontPage can make use of, but is not limited to, the following projects:


Since MediaFrontPage runs on multiple Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX) the main dependencies you need to worry about is having a correctly configured "localhost" (via Apache or IIS). Once you have a working localhost you need to install PHP and the PHP_Curl extension. (See Install Section)


This project is always being updated by like minded individuals and bugs can (will) exist. If you find a bug that you believe is directly related to MediaFrontPage (and not one of the other applications) please post at our Lighthouse Tickets Page. When posting a bug report please have the following information available if possible to ease in tracking the issue down:

  • Operating System
  • Web Server (Apache, IIS, etc. Note: Uniform Server is recommended for Windows)
  • Screenshots if possible

If requested to post your config.php (in whole or in part) please remember to remove your personal login information like below:

$GLOBAL_MACHINE    = true;    
$GLOBAL_USER_PASS  = true;    
$GLOBAL_IP         = '192.168.X.X';    
$GLOBAL_USER       = 'REMOVED';    
$GLOBAL_PASS       = 'REMOVED';    


Linux/Mac OSX (Basic Apache) -> Apache Install
Windows (Uniform Server) -> Uniform Install Coming Soon
Windows (IIS) -> IIS Install Coming Soon
Ubuntu (Command Line) -> XBMCLiveInstall
XBMC Live -> XBMCLiveInstall
XBMC Live on an Acer Revo -> Revo Install - Originally written by DejaVu77
Windows (Uniform) -> Win Uniform
Windows (IIS) -> Win IIS

CSS Skins Available

See Image at top of page

DPickles (XBMC Member - DPickles)
Needs thumbnail

Light Theme
Light Theme

Hernandito (XBMC Member - Hernandito)

Black Glass Modern (XBMC Member - DejaVu77)
Black Glass Modern

Minimal Banners

Minimal Posters

List of available Widgets 6th July 2011

  • XBMC Control
  • XBMC Library
  • Coming Episodes
  • Hard Drive Status
  • Now Playing
  • RSS Feed
  • SabNZBd Status
  • NZB Search
  • TrakT Last Watched
  • Transmission
  • uTorrent
  • JDownloader (WIP)
  • SubSonic (WIP)

There is an Example widget inside the Widget folder that gives an idea on how to create your own.