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Commits on Nov 30, 2009
  1. @tourettes


    tourettes authored
  2. @dukus
  3. @Albert78
Commits on Nov 29, 2009
  1. @tourettes
  2. @chemelli

    Pushed default thumb quality from "2" (large CTRs, small LCDs) to "3"…

    chemelli authored
    … (LCDs, Plasma) as those are more popular nowadays
  3. @chemelli

    Fixed mantis #0002567: VirtualDrive doesn't detect the correct path o…

    chemelli authored
    …f new versions of DaemonTools
  4. @chemelli
  5. @gibman

    additional fix for 2556: TVguide speedup + datamodel changes.

    gibman authored
    - canceling series/schedules was broken in schedulesview.
  6. @Albert78
  7. @Albert78

    Fixed some problems in the housekeeping of connections/disconnect eve…

    Albert78 authored
    …nts in the UPnP system and MP-II server system
  8. @Albert78
  9. @Albert78

    Startup frontend server

    Albert78 authored
  10. @chemelli

    Again a minor code cleanup

    chemelli authored
  11. @chemelli

    Very minor code cleanup

    chemelli authored
  12. @chemelli

    Additional fix for mantis #0002566: Blue3 OSD needs updating in line …

    chemelli authored
    …with that in Blue3Wide (thx a lot Catavolt for the rework!)
    Missed Media files :(
Commits on Nov 28, 2009
  1. @dukus
  2. @chemelli

    Additional fix for mantis #0002523: do not look on c:\ for debugfeatu…

    chemelli authored
    …re txt's
    - Typo was preventing "DumpRawTS" to work as expected
  3. @chemelli

    Fixed mantis #0002566: Blue3 OSD needs updating in line with that in …

    chemelli authored
    …Blue3Wide (thx a lot Catavolt for the rework!)
  4. @Albert78

    Added log output

    Albert78 authored
  5. @Albert78
  6. @Albert78
  7. @Albert78
  8. @Albert78
  9. @morpheusxx
  10. @morpheusxx

    fix 0002565: "Generic network provider" is not working for all cards

    morpheusxx authored
    thanks te3hpurp for the basic patch!
  11. @Albert78

    - Added CallContext parameter to action invocation handlers

    Albert78 authored
    - Added LAST_HOSTNAME column to table ATTACHED_CLIENS
  12. @gibman

    additional fix for mantis : 2377: resuming TV randomly shows the "Con…

    gibman authored
    …nection to TV service lost".
  13. @gibman
  14. @morpheusxx
  15. @Albert78

    - Fixed bugs in client manager and media library schema SQL scripts

    Albert78 authored
    - Added call to startup method for client manager
    - Fixed bug in attribute specification in ProviderResourceAspect
  16. @Albert78

    Removed obsolete using

    Albert78 authored
  17. @Albert78

    - Created new services ClientControllerService (client) and ClientMan…

    Albert78 authored
    …agerService (service)
    - Use interfaces for UPnP services, removed visibility of UPnP proxy implementation classes from the public interface
    - Added client manager SQL schema script
    - Added system resolver service/concept of system ids
    - Fixed problems in UPnP library when reading null values
  18. @Albert78

    Organize usings

    Albert78 authored
  19. @Albert78

    - Registered client manager

    Albert78 authored
    - Replaced UPnPClientControllerServiceProxy type in interface signature by IClientController, same with UPnPServerControllerServiceProxy and IServerController
Commits on Nov 27, 2009
  1. @manfred-mp
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