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.nuget prepared repository for NuGet
Plugins MP1-4501 : Rework based on mm fix, the previous fix was not correct.
Setup MP1-4605 : Add missing Dll for use MPEInstaller on Dedicated server s…
SetupControls Update MP1 to NET4. PART 1.
SetupTv Revert "MP1-4341 : Upgrade MySQL (MyISAM to InnoDB) 62_upgrade_mysql_…
TVDatabase MP1-4501 : Remove break based on mm comment to completely fix MP1-4501
TVLibrary MP1-4394 : Fix IPTV Url regression introduce in MP1-4197
TVServer.Base Updated tuningdetails
TestApp Update MP1 to NET4. PART 1.
TvControl Merge branch 'master' into MP1-4069-Migrate_to_NET4
TvLibrary.Interfaces MP1-4069 : Fix warning when compiling Part4. (Debug Version)
TvLibrary.Utils TVLibrary typo fix. (by doskabouter)
TvPlugin Merge branch 'MP1-4583-Ability_to_display_LiveTV_media_info_in_TV_OSD'
TvService Merge branch 'MP1-2719-Cancelled_Schedules_are_not_deleted'
TvThumbnails MP1-4589 : Recorded_TV_thumbnail_creation_causes_too_high_disk_activi…
UnitTests TVEngine3-CardReservation commit.
Collect Debug Files.bat Update with merges from trunk.
Copy Filters To MP Debug & Register.bat Fix build debug batch and register filter.
Copy TvPluginDebug To MP Debug.bat…
TvLibrary.5.1.ReSharper updated/renamed ReSharper reference files to 5.1
TvLibrary.sln prepared repository for NuGet
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