This repository collects drivers for peripherals used in Arduino with LinkIt 7697.
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ADXL345-wrapper Update getRoll() calculations Aug 14, 2018
Adafruit_BMP183_Library-master Update library names Aug 14, 2018
Adafruit_NeoPixel Fix compilation error May 31, 2018
Adafruit_Sensor-master [BMP183] modification for LinkIt 7697 Mar 22, 2017
Arduino-IRremote-master Add for legacy libraries May 22, 2018
Grove_LED_Bar_MY9221-master Fix syntax errors May 22, 2018
Grove_Temperature_And_Humidity_Sensor_AM2302-master Add for legacy libraries May 22, 2018
HCSR04Ultrasonic Fix #3 by combining HC-SR04 and Seeed Grove Ultrasonic libraries Jul 16, 2018
IMU_10DOF-master Add for legacy libraries May 22, 2018
Light_Sensor_LM358-master Add for legacy libraries May 22, 2018
LiquidCrystal_I2C Update library names Aug 14, 2018
MFRC522-master Add MFRC522 library Jun 11, 2018
MPU9250-wrapper Remove redundant I2Cdev files Aug 14, 2018
OLED_Display_128X64_SSD1308Z-master Add for legacy libraries May 22, 2018
OLED_Display_96X96_SSD1327-master Add for legacy libraries May 22, 2018
PMS-master Add PMS Library Jun 6, 2018
SHT2x Add SHT/DHT library Jun 6, 2018
SparkFun_ADXL345_Arduino_Library-master Remove SPI support from SparkFun ADXL345 library and add wrapper library Jun 7, 2018
U8g2_Arduino-master Update library names Jun 1, 2018 Add note about preserving file history Jun 29, 2017

Arduino Peripheral Driver Repo for LinkIt 7697

This repository collects Arduino drivers libraries for LinkIt 7697.

If you are looking for driver for Grove Starter Kit for LinkIt 7697, please head to the release section, or switching to its branch.

How to use

Please clone or download the repo. Each folder in the repo is a Arduino library. Copy the driver folders you need to your Arduino library folder. You can refer to the instructions here.


Feel free to submit a pull request to add new driver library to this repo. Since this repo is a collection of driver from other sources, it is important to keep the original commit logs. Please try preserving the file modification history. For example, use git subtree instead of simply copy and re-adding the files to this repo.