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BitBucket - ActiveCollab connector

This is a tool for connecting BitBucket (BB) repositories with ActiveCollab (AC) projects. It allows you to reference or solve AC tasks with BB commits by using keywords in your commit message. Currently the following features are supported:

  • referencing tickets: creates a comment on the AC task with commit message, author and link to BB
  • solving tickets: same as referencing, but marks task as solved and assigns it back to the delegating user


Referencing a ticket

The following commit message:

made default recipient configurable in config.ini
refs #187

would create a comment on the corresponding AC task like:

made default recipient configurable in config.ini

by Max Smith in this BitBucket commit

Solving a ticket

The following commit message:

fixed syntax error
fixes #188

would create the following comment on the AC task like:

fixed syntax error

  • reassigned to Solomon Bernson

where Solomon Bernson would be the AC user that assigned the ticket to Max Smith.

Notice: if your workflow isn't exactly like this, it's easy to change it to straight up e.g. close the ticket or mark it as "Feedback required".

How does it work


Both BB and AC offer similar functionality, just not together.

  • BB offers the same keywords (and a lot more) to reference issues, but only if you're using their issue tracker
  • AC offers git integration via the source module, but it's not really what we're looking for

This tool does not rule out either of those features, it can be used instead of, or alongside the default workflows of AC and BB.

As we were saying..

BB supports triggers on certain repo events. We use the post-commit hook to make a request to our run.php file. This file receives a json payload from BB with the most recent commits for a given repo. We parse this data and each commit message looking for the keywords mentioned above. When we find one, we match the BB repository name to the AC project name via the config and trigger certain actions via AC's API.


Since AC starts task IDs at #1 for every project, it's not possible to reference a ticket id absolutely to a project, meaning you can only link each BB repo to 1 AC project.



1 Clone or download this repository

2 Create config.php by referring to config.default.php. This is what your config.php could look like:


// get the default values
require dirname(__FILE__) . '/config.default.php';

$config = array_merge($config, array(
	'api_base_url'   => '',
	'api_user_token' => '253-qNF8cn9V3driS6wzjUVzMVgZuTok4zRaJJaZ2lN3',
	'label_id_map'   => array(
		'solved' => 6,
	'repo_project_map' => array(
		'acbb_connector' => 'acbb-connector',

return $config;
  • we'll get to api_base_url and api_user_token in the next section
  • label_id_map maps labels to their IDs in your AC instance. The easiest way to find out what your label IDs are is to change the label of a ticket and inspect the dropdown menu with the label names. The value of the <option> tags are the label IDs.
  • repo_project_map maps your BB repo names to your AC project names. In this example, this would map the repo acbb_connector on BB to my AC project acbb-connector.

3 Upload this tool to the webserver where your AC instance is running, preferably outside of your webroot:


4 Create and make it invoke run.php:

require_once '../acbb_connector/run.php';

You should now be able to access in your browser and get a 403 Access Denied. This means it's probably working. Access is only granted to the IPs whitelisted in config.default.php, which are the IPs BB lists as it's servers.


  1. Create a dedicated AC user, assign him to all projects you want to use with BitBucket
  2. Visit the user's user profile page
  3. Click "Options" (the gear icon on the top-right) > "API Settings"
  4. Click "Add API-Token"
  5. Name: BitBucket Bot (or whatever you like)
    Company: Your company
    read-only: no
  6. Click the magnifying glass. A popup will open with your API URL and API user token. Copy these to config.php (api_base_url and api_user_token)


  1. Open your repo(s) on
  2. Go to Settings > Webhooks > Add webhook
  3. Add a title (e.g. ActiveCollab push), set the URL to and choose the "Repository push" trigger

That's it

You should be set. Try it out by committing to one of the repos you configured in config.php with a keyword and pushing it to BB. You should see the comment show up in the corresponding AC task a few seconds later.


  • Make sure acbb_connector.php file is reachable via a public URL
  • Errors are logged to ./error_log in the same directory as run.php (make sure apache can write to this file. If it doesn't exist, create it)
  • You can see the requests BB makes to acbb_connector.php on the repositories' webhooks page "View requests"
  • Make sure your AC API is running by following this guide
  • If it's still not working, create an issue with as much info as possible and we'll try to help



BitBucket - ActiveCollab connector







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