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Production server (updated 1-2 times a month)

Test server (separate accounts, not connected to the production server, updated regularly)

Welcome to the description of the VitaDock® Online API. This API allows software developers to connect their desktop or mobile application to VitaDock® Online. Here are the major steps you need to take for your implementation:

Request permission

Figure 1 - Example for implementation within a website project

  • First please take a look at the definitions.

  • To determine the needed time and effort to implement a connection we have compiled a brief overview for the required development steps for desktop and mobile applications as well as for web applications.

  • We have also prepared some sample code (currently JAVA, we will add PHP, ObjectiveC etc. later) for you to look at.

  • Check out our webclient to test the Open Authentication handshaking and to generate random data (currently only available for the https://test-cloud.vitadock.com test server).

  • Check out this sample output of the standalone JAVA client and compare it with the output of your own application.

  • After you have decided to try out our API, you first need to create a new application.

  • At its heart, VitaDock Online uses Open Authentication. You will need to get familiar with the authorization flow as well as the generation of the authorization header.

  • The connection information is available at our server description. You can communicate with the server using HTTP REST, please see the general HTTP REST information and the description of the authentication interfaces.

  • Finally, after you have acquired the Access Token, you can start communicating data. Please get familiar with our general data model and our CardioDock, GlucoDock, TargetScale, and ThermoDock modules. For data transfer you can use the HTTP REST interface for data retrieval and data storage.

  • Security and trust are a big issue if you want to save or receive data from VitaDock Online. We have compiled a brief security risk assessment to give you an overview of the issues relating to Open Authentication.

  • Besides simply transferring data to or polling for new data from VitaDock Online, you can also use the monitoring URL.

  • Access Tokens can become invalid, more about this issue can be found here.

  • More advanced business processes like subscription-based services require closer communication between the systems. Please check out our information about our monitoring interface.

Here is a little helper tool to calculate the OAuth Authorization header on your own.

For current status and API updates, please subscribe to our google groups: https://groups.google.com/d/forum/vitadock-online https://groups.google.com/d/forum/vitadock-online-api

There, we will announce current open issues, planned downtimes and planned API changes. Feel free to use these new groups to post your general or API questions.

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us at developer@medisanaspace.com!

Best regards,

Jan Krause Senior Software Developer VitaDock® Online

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