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Meditation Enthusiasts Meditation Logging Application

This application is designed for both beginner and advanced meditators to track their meditations. Each session can be manually entered or automatically entered if a user uses a timer. Meditations are logged in the users "log book", but can be exported and backed up in a variety of formats.

This is a free app, both in terms of cost and software freedom (the source code is open sourced). I want the app to cost nothing so more people will try it out, and maybe meditate more in the process (myself included). I opened the source so people don't think I'm stealing their information, and maybe people have ideas on how to improve it.



  • Manual Editing of Logs (Coming Soon)
  • GPS locations of where the user meditated (optional)
  • Export the meditation log as XML, JSON, or a SQLite database.
  • Import meditation logs from XML, JSON, or a SQLite database.
  • Sync with other SQLite databases.
  • Count-up or Count-down timers to keep track of how long a meditation lasted.
  • Comments so a meditator can comment on their experience.
  • Music player, so the meditator can listen to music or guided meditations.

User Guide

The manual for using the app can be found here.

Release Notes

View the release notes for all versions here.

Supported Platforms

Coming Soon

View Source Code

The source code is on GitHub. View it here:

View Issues

GitHub Issues is what we use to track issues. Anyone can view the issues, but you must create an account in order to create issues.

How to submit issues

View Issues


This software is released under the GPLv3.

Not only is this software free, but anyone can view the source code Here.


Developers: Check out our issue tracker and grab something to tackle. Then submit a pull request on our GitHub. Read the C# style guide here.

Testers: Download the latest software and follow your platform's test plan to try to find bugs.

Writers: This wiki can always use editing.

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