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This workflows monitors the heart rate. If the heart rate exceeds the threshold level,
we send an email alert and SMS alert to the email and phone number listed. It will send maximum one alert
per day.
import Store
import FreeSMS
import Email
phone_number = "2333333339"
email_address = "youracct@site"
alert_message = 'Heads up! Your heart beat exceeds the threshold level!'
heartrate_threshold = 210
heartrate= IONode.get_input('in1')['event_data']['value']
# This checks if the heart rate exceeds the threshold level and if it has been more than 24 hours since sending
# an alert for this device.
if (heartrate > heartrate_threshold) and not Store.get('sent_alert'):
email = Email.Email(sender='', display_name='Medium One Alerts',
recipients=[email_address], subject='Alert: Exceed Heart Rate Threshold', message=alert_message, attachments=None)
FreeSMS.sendSMS(phone_number, alert_message)
Store.set_data('sent_alert', 'true', ttl=86400) # 86400 seconds = 1 day
log ("undetected")
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