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Medium SDK for NodeJS

This repository contains the open source SDK for integrating Medium's OAuth2 API into your NodeJs app.

View the full documentation here.


npm install medium-sdk


Create a client, then call commands on it.

var medium = require('medium-sdk')

var client = new medium.MediumClient({
  clientId: 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID',
  clientSecret: 'YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET'

var redirectURL = 'https://yoursite.com/callback/medium'; 

var url = client.getAuthorizationUrl('secretState', redirectURL, [
  medium.Scope.BASIC_PROFILE, medium.Scope.PUBLISH_POST

// (Send the user to the authorization URL to obtain an authorization code.)

client.exchangeAuthorizationCode('YOUR_AUTHORIZATION_CODE', redirectURL, function (err, token) {
  client.getUser(function (err, user) {
      userId: user.id,
      title: 'A new post',
      contentFormat: medium.PostContentFormat.HTML,
      content: '<h1>A New Post</h1><p>This is my new post.</p>',
      publishStatus: medium.PostPublishStatus.DRAFT
    }, function (err, post) {
      console.log(token, user, post)


Questions, comments, bug reports, and pull requests are all welcomed. If you haven't contributed to a Medium project before please head over to the Open Source Project and fill out an OCLA (it should be pretty painless).


Jamie Talbot


Copyright 2015 A Medium Corporation

Licensed under Apache License Version 2.0. Details in the attached LICENSE file.