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A Game Maker extension for playing sound
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A Game Maker extension for playing sound


This dll requires audiere.lib Find that here


Audiere should be statically linked while compiling, note that I have this set to a relative import to my computer, so You will obviously need to change that. See Build Options -> Linker Settings, and link to the .lib file.

Building the Game Maker Extension

Using Extension Maker, you should be able to open up the .ged file, However you're going to have to update the path to the .dll file. Find this under Faucet-Audio.dll -> Misc


audio_create(string filename) Creates a sound of the given filename, returns a handle of the sound instance

audio_get_pan(handle) returns the pan of the current handle (pans range between -1.0 to 1.0)

audio_get_volume(handle) returns the volume of the given handle (volumes range between 0.0 for silence to 1.0 for full volume)

audio_is_playing(handle) returns whether or not the current handle is playing

audio_play(handle, reset_if_playing) plays the handle. The sound will reset if it is already playing if reset_if_playing is true

audio_release(handle) releases the sound from memory

audio_set_pan(handle, pan) Sets the pan of the sound instance (-1.0 to 1.0)

audio_set_repeat(repeat) sets whether or not the sound should repeat when its done playing

audio_set_volume(handle, volume) Sets how loud the sound is (0.0 for complete silence, 1.0 for full volume)

audio_stop(handle) Stops playing the sound instance. Note that when replaying with audio_play unless reset_if_playing is true, will resume from where the sound left off

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