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Commits on Jun 29, 2011
@nagn nagn Added RETURN_INTEL Constant and new scripts for syncing Intel Returns
Did not update UUID
Commits on Jul 04, 2011
@ASBenz ASBenz 2.4
Merged DKotH as well as other miscellaneous fixes
Added Dual King of the Hill and 2 accompanying maps
Added forward spawn compatibility for KotH and DKotH
Fixed a kill feed flaw with Pitfalls, Killboxes, and Fragboxes
Made clients properly have global.mapchanging toggled
All control points lock during round end
Intelligence is dropped and cannot be picked up during round end
Sniper scope cleanup
Arena and Koth cpUnlock cleanup
Winning team is granted infinite ammo during round end
Rolled back a previous change by NAGN that was rendered obsolete by having global.mapchanging toggled for clients
WinBanner can be hidden by dismissing the scoreboard
Riflemen and Infiltrators are forced to unscope and uncloak when humiliated
Changed UUID
Commits on Jul 05, 2011
@nagn nagn Merge branch 'B2.3' of git:// f5a1d69
@wareya wareya updated sixties BG d40d09c
@nagn nagn Server host disconnection redirects to Menu, rather than Lobby
moved the Disconnect button and Quit farther from "Return to Game" to prevent accidental disconnects
@ASBenz ASBenz Merge pull request #1 from wareya/2.4
plz pull (:3
@wareya wareya map typo fixes 19fb50e
@ASBenz ASBenz Merge pull request #2 from wareya/2.4
Typo fixes
@wareya wareya Merge remote-tracking branch 'medo/B2.3' into 2.4 03b0cce
Commits on Jul 14, 2011
@Medo42 Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/wareya/B2.3' into B2.3 41555e5
@Medo42 Made doEventReturnIntel more robust
It should act sensibly under most circumstances now.
@Medo42 Updated UUID because the protocol changed a339f9a
@Medo42 Merge commit 'a339f9a17266386ea7a6b072b1db5b96dcb01310'
Commits on Jul 18, 2011
Shawnachu Updated the healing hud to be more pretty bd284d7
@ASBenz ASBenz Updated gg2updater with newer Steam appearance e65f91d
@Medo42 Merge commit '03b0cce659122f8b24c4c0bfed70946ef3bf7940'
@Medo42 Merge commit 'e65f91de4b49a8a6316452ca517fb54c5b3e6281' 58d3dde
@Medo42 Small cleanups, should not affect behaviour. e312576
Commits on Jul 22, 2011
@ASBenz ASBenz DKotH tweak
Adjusted DKotH stalemate conditions.
-Lack of action on CPs will force round end
--If timers are within 30 seconds of one another, stalemate
--Otherwise, lowest timer wins
Commits on Jul 27, 2011
@Medo42 Improved the joining protocol:
- Password is checked before the player is accepted
- Client version is checked by the server now
- Server name is now provided by the server as part of the HELLO message.
@Medo42 More intelligent connection failure detection and message on the client. 3416153
Commits on Jul 30, 2011
@Medo42 Implemented map downloading. aa73da6
Commits on Aug 01, 2011
@Medo42 Small cleanups, mostly room change related efb815a
Commits on Aug 03, 2011
@Medo42 Made map downloading nonblocking on the client 1f87e10
@Medo42 Added a special room for downloading maps and a download progress ind…
…icator, as well as the ability to abort downloading.
Commits on Sep 01, 2011
@Medo42 Changed lobby hostname and updated version constants cea4b52
@Medo42 New version of Faucet Networking, adds file reading/writing functions 546aed5
@Medo42 Increased version constant to avoid update notificaiton e0209d5
@Medo42 Fixed JoiningPlayers being destroyed on mapchange, leaking open sockets b9ccec2
@Medo42 Use the new functions in Faucet Networking to read/write map files. 35d36df
Commits on Oct 03, 2011
@Medo42 Parse UUIDs to a buffer instead of an array aff3a06
@Medo42 Changed lobby registration to the new protocol 3d7f8f2
Commits on Oct 05, 2011
@Medo42 Moved "passworded" flag to a different byte in the lobby registration…
… spec
Commits on Oct 06, 2011
@ASBenz ASBenz 2.4
Updated ctf_conflict
Forced abort when a map has no valid spawn points (avoids an error message)
Adjusted the depth of the Rifle's shot when drawn
Autogun collision boxes no longer change throughout the animation
Turrets will treat playerfloors as platforms
F5 will refresh the lobby viewer
@ASBenz ASBenz 2.4
Fixed CTF overtime
Added hard-coded screenshot taking. Uses F6
*All files saved in \Screenshots in .png format
*Timestamped with YYYYMMDDHHMMSS
*Conflicting filenames will append a '0' at the end
*F9 no longer takes screenshots
Fixed incorrect sprites being used for eating during partymode
Updated version number
@ASBenz ASBenz Rebalance
Added healing ramp based upon time since target last took damage
Removed inheritence of flare projectiles
*No longer have afterburn falloff nor gravity
Upped afterburn alpha for visibility
Reduced collision boxes of flare and rockets
Reduced clip of shotgun and raised shotgun damage
@ASBenz ASBenz 2.4
Tweaked blade damages and ammo drain
Modified bubble lifespan and firing rate
Adjusted rocket hitbox
Fixed mine reflection
Lowered flare contact damage
Realigned backstab animations
Added cosmetic legs for doing fancy airstabs
Updated Flare projectile and kill icon
@ASBenz ASBenz 2.4
UUID updated
Generator mode revamp:
*Regenerative shields
*Lowered max health
*Added win conditions when time expires instead of stalemates
*Generators no longer have precise collision detection
*Stabs can deal halved damage to generators
Corpses come in contact with player-affecting walls/floors
Removed a bunch of unnecessary comments
Commits on Oct 07, 2011
@ASBenz ASBenz 2.4
Fixed an error caused by Game Maker's conditional evaluation
Added additional rules to CTF endgame logic
Added SetupGate compatibility with arena, koth, and dkoth
Adjusted how overheat-related weapons replenish ammo
*Adjusted ammo consumption/regeneration rates accordingly
Flamethrower contact damage increased slightly
@ASBenz ASBenz 2.4
Stabmasks destroy selves upon contact with a generator
Autoguns visibly catch fire when low on health (cosmetic only)
Increased generator shield recharge rate
Drastically increased generator health
Added Generator overtime
*IF losing/tied team is attacking a generator actively, overtime
Added 2 new menu music pieces
@ASBenz ASBenz 2.4
Re-added the xmas sprites to the source
Realigned the backstab sprites again
Adjusted flamethrower attributes
@ASBenz ASBenz 2.4
1-way doors with custom map support
*Strings of interest for whoever updates Garrison Builder are as follows:
**"leftdoor" and "rightdoor"
Reorganized some of the map objects in the source for easier visual grepping
Stabs can no longer pass through bullet-blocking walls
Explosion damage now based on a hyperbolic curve instead of a linear one
@ASBenz ASBenz 2.4
Added humiliation animations
*No more taunting while humiliated
Updated generator shield sprites
Adjusted the fire drawn on autoguns
Modified airblast cost
Updated gen_destroy
Updated version number on the main menu
Fixed loose intel sheets not catching fire
@Medo42 Re-Added the Hobbl Download Manager to the Extensions folder, since i…
…t is still used in the gg2updater.
Commits on Oct 08, 2011
@Medo42 Added Mods Lobby list support
Added number of key/value pairs to registration protocol
@Medo42 Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/psycho/master' f653a3e
@Medo42 Cleanup of 77552e8 0b9a9cd
@Medo42 Revised and simplified CTF endgame logic 1527846
@Medo42 Re-added F9 as screenshot key f908918
@Medo42 Re-united Flame and Flare as children of BurningProjectile. 60c207c
@Medo42 Remove commented out code 113f0f9
@Medo42 Improved airblasting of stickied stickies. f6e81a8
@Medo42 Removed lots of now-unused gunk. feb2bc6
@Medo42 Made PlayerWalls always be solid 9dc8e11
@Medo42 Fixed a typo and wrong data type for sync c388d41
@Medo42 Bugfixed code for Rocket<->Generator collision and moved it where it …
@ASBenz ASBenz 2.4
Replaced 'Right Behind You' with 'Intruder Alert'
@Medo42 Small nonfunctional cleanups 26a7df7
@Medo42 Merge commit 'de2f1917b53de30d8a9dfea88474cd7ae039b391' 4c3307d
@Medo42 Merge commit 'a7d1b9b3b39f180abea0acfcfa7976b4e20fda31'
@Medo42 Updated version information 786ae20
@Medo42 New version of Faucet Networking to stop servers from disappearing (L…
@Medo42 Redesigned layout for lobby. 1535d38
@Medo42 Reduced bit depth of menumusic6 to match the rest of the music and sa…
…ve space.
@Medo42 Improved flareblasting stickied stickies some more. 7cc6ab9