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Version v1.3.2

Why use it.

It looks cool.


It is powerful on Markdown editors.


It has the ability to highlight, fold, and compile code.(Python/C/C++/...)



Cmder integrates powerful command-line tools.It is same as Linux.

Installing Python to use Cmder is required


1、If you already have Git, you can install it directly on your computer via one of the following instructions.

$ git clone

2、If you do not have Git installed, maybe you need this Cmder to implement these features, then you can use the Download ZIP button to download and extract to the right place.

Environment variable

You must add both of the cmder.exe directory and vim.exe directory to thePath of the environment variable. For example, I need to add two paths C:\cmder andC:\cmder\vendor\vim.

Configuration Vundle

In VIM, I use Vundle to manage all the plugins, so you need to go to the ../cmder/vendor/vim/vimfiles/bundle/ folder to download the latest Vundle, of course, in the current directory Run the following code:

git clone

After successful, run the vim directive in cmder and go tovim 's normal mode, please type : PluginInstall to download all the plugins.

Right Click Configuration

You can open Cmder in the specified directory by right-clicking.

First open the administrator with the authority of the Cmder, shortcut keys Ctrl + t check 'Run as current userand Run as administratorthese two, clickstart` button, and then enter the command line:

Cmder.exe /REGISTER ALL 1 Cmder.exe /REGISTER ALL 

Now right click on Cmder here in the folder to access the directory incmder.

Alias Configuration

All the alias are placed in the ../cmder/config/user-aliases.cmd, you can edit it throughvim, in the command line input kjj can open edit it, if wrong Please refer to the following FAQ.

For example, I set the gd to enter the desktop,vimrc to open the VIM configuration file, st to open a file with sublime Text. You can set some alias through your own habits.


Q:In ../Cmder/config/user-aliases.cmd,the set of alias is invalid and the ls directive is useful.

A:Aliases do not work under Win10 1703 (Build 15063.11)issues #1325

Q:Right-click configured, still can not enter the specified directory.

A:Please configure `cmder.exe ' open as administrator by default.


MIT License