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erc20 token for meerkats
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Meerkat Distribution Contract & Token

Private Sale Rd.1 - FINISHED

Private Sale Rd.2 - 2019 Jan-Feb.

Crowd Sale - 2019 Apr-Jul.

UPDATE 2018 Sept.

The Meerkat Distribution Address is no longer accepting ETH payments. Any payment will be automatically transferred back to the sender address until the start of Private Sale Rd.2.

We started the preparation of the MCT v2 which will include more flexible credit card payment options and easier merchant access. Also a brand new incentive and referral system will be applied, rewarding Meerpackr users with MCT Airdrops, for certain in-app activities.

Due to extremely high risk nature of the current market conditions, we postpone any further Token Generation Events until 2019 Q2. Right now we are focusing on implementing the tech update, for credit card enabled physical payments. The next round of the Private Sale, will be scheduled after the announcement of a credit card enabled MCT.

Follow our social networks for the latest developments.

Token Issuer: Have Fun Corporation

Issuer website: - UNDER DEVELOPMENT

Crowdsale website: - UNDER DEVELOPMENT

Token Abbreviation: MCT

For more information please visit the official Crowdsale website!

The Crowdsale supply of MCT Tokens were transferred to the Meerkat Distribution Address, running this contract:

Meerkat Distribution Address Etherscan:

Token Contract Etherscan:

Merchant Exchange Address:

Contact us by joining our social networks:

Chat with us live on Telegram!





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