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New Cakefile with good organization
path = require 'path'
fs = require 'fs'
_ = require 'underscore'
async = require 'async'
root_path = path.dirname fs.realpathSync __filename
project_name = 'TinyData'
project_file_name = 'tinydata'
paths =
cake_dep : 'cake_dep'
src_dir : 'src'
lib_dir : 'lib'
lib_browser_dir : 'lib_browser'
test_dir : 'test'
develop_dir : 'develop_suite'
test_browser_dir : 'test_browser'
example_dir : 'example'
# extend path with root
_.each paths, (value, key, list) -> list[key] = path.join root_path, value
# add commands
commands = require path.join paths.cake_dep, 'command'
# add dev_server
{dev_server} = require path.join paths.cake_dep, 'dev_server'
# for online gh-pages docs
gh_pages_branch = 'refs/heads/gh-pages'
orgin_doc_dir = 'test_browser'
Now tasks
task 'pre_commit', 'build all before commit', pre_commit = (cb) ->
async.series [ test_coffee, build_lib_node, build_lib_node_dependency, prepare_all_for_browser ], (err) ->
console.log "#{err}".error if err?
console.log ' Pre-commit: all done!'.out
task 'test_coffee', 'test module for node.js', test_coffee = (cb) ->
commands.test_coffee cb, paths.test_dir
task 'compile_for_node', 'compile module for use in node', compile_for_node = (cb) ->
async.series [ test_coffee, build_lib_node, build_lib_node_dependency ], (err) ->
console.log "#{err}".error if err?
console.log ' Node.js: all done!'.out
task 'compile_for_browser', 'compile module for use in browser', compile_for_browser = (cb) ->
async.series [ test_coffee, build_lib_browser, minify_lib_browser ], (err) ->
console.log "#{err}".error if err?
console.log ' Browser: all done!'.out
task 'prepare_all_for_browser', 'create suite for test in browser, build docs', prepare_all_for_browser = (cb) ->
prepare = (cb) ->
async.series [ test_coffee, build_lib_browser, minify_lib_browser, copy_lib_to_test_browser ], (err) ->
console.log "#{err}".error if err?
console.log ' Browser: test suite ready!'.out
async.parallel [ prepare, build_html_browser_page, build_test_browser_js,
copy_vendor_to_test_browser, copy_css_to_test_browser,
copy_bootstrap_to_test_browser, build_example_data ]
task 'build_html_browser_page', 'build html form jade for browser', build_html_browser_page = (cb) ->
commands.compile_jade cb, path.join(paths.develop_dir, 'views'), paths.test_browser_dir
task 'start_dev_server', 'start developer server', start_dev_server = (cb) ->
dev_server project_name, project_file_name, root_path
task 'update_gh_pages', 'update static html for gh_pages branch', update_gh_pages = (cb) ->
commands.update_gh_pages cb, orgin_doc_dir, gh_pages_branch
EX-task below, now just function
#task 'build_lib_node', 'build module from source for node.js',
build_lib_node = (cb) ->
commands.build_coffee cb, paths.src_dir, paths.lib_dir, /\.coffee$/
# this for TinyData dependency
build_lib_node_dependency = (cb) ->
build_lib_node_internal_lib( build_lib_node_internal_mixin cb )
build_lib_node_internal_lib = (cb) ->
internal_lib_dir = path.join paths.src_dir, 'lib'
internal_lib_lib_dir = path.join paths.lib_dir, 'lib'
commands.build_coffee cb, internal_lib_dir, internal_lib_lib_dir, /\.coffee$/
build_lib_node_internal_mixin = (cb) ->
internal_mixin_dir = path.join paths.src_dir, 'mixin'
internal_mixin_lib_dir = path.join paths.lib_dir, 'mixin'
commands.build_coffee cb, internal_mixin_dir, internal_mixin_lib_dir, /\.coffee$/
#task 'build_lib_browser', 'build stitched module for browser',
build_lib_browser = (cb) ->
commands.build_clinched_js cb, paths.src_dir, paths.lib_browser_dir, project_file_name
#task 'minify_lib_browser', 'minify builded module for browser',
minify_lib_browser = (cb) ->
commands.minify_browser_lib cb, paths.lib_browser_dir, project_file_name
#task 'build_test_browser_js', 'build test js for browser',
build_test_browser_js = (cb) ->
commands.build_clinched_js_files cb, paths.test_dir, path.join(paths.test_browser_dir, 'test'), /-(?:stress_)?test\.coffee$/
#task 'copy_lib_to_test_browser', 'copy library to browser test',
copy_lib_to_test_browser = (cb) ->
commands.copy_dir cb, paths.lib_browser_dir, path.join(paths.test_browser_dir, 'js')
#task 'copy_vendor_to_test_browser', 'copy vendor js to browser test',
copy_vendor_to_test_browser = (cb) ->
vendor_dir = path.join paths.develop_dir, 'public', 'vendor'
commands.copy_dir cb, vendor_dir, path.join(paths.test_browser_dir, 'vendor')
#task 'copy_css_to_test_browser', 'copy css to browser test',
copy_css_to_test_browser = (cb) ->
css_dir = path.join paths.develop_dir, 'public', 'css'
commands.copy_dir cb,css_dir, path.join(paths.test_browser_dir, 'css')
#task 'copy_css_to_test_browser', 'copy css to browser test',
copy_bootstrap_to_test_browser = (cb) ->
css_dir = path.join paths.develop_dir, 'public', 'bootstrap'
commands.copy_dir cb,css_dir, path.join(paths.test_browser_dir, 'bootstrap')
#task 'build_example_data', 'build_example_data',
build_example_data = (cb) ->
commands.build_json cb, paths.example_dir, path.join(paths.test_browser_dir, 'example'), /$/