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Roadmap for clinch

  • Add some options to package settings - like inject and other. It will overwrite global clinch object options. - done
  • Add direct injection, without bundle prefix. - done
  • Add shim filter if replacer don't used in dependencies - maybe later, non-trivial.
  • Add smart cache system by file hash - done
  • Replace two file read to one buffer read - unneeded, no speed up detected
  • Replace detective with self-writhed class on acorn
  • Add jade support - done
  • Add more tests - in process
  • Add 'runtime' package option, to replace boilerplate code to runtime lib - done
  • Add modules cache to prevent re-creating prototypes on every call - done
  • Add 'clinch require start/end' statement support to speed up require parsing (with RegExp, not detective)
  • Add travis-ci - done
  • Add React support - done
  • Add more aggressive cache - done
  • Add correct processors error support - done
  • Move processors to separate modules - done
  • Update tests - done
  • Update documentation - done
  • Update history - done
  • Remove unneeded dependencies and devDependencies - done