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@filux filux released this Mar 8, 2017 · 140 commits to develop since this release

  • important sounds like "attack alarm" are always played
  • display build/morph/upgrade time
  • new AI tag for units(buildings) which allows fake size for buildings
    while placing them
  • much better error handling and messages especially for modders and xml-related problems
  • fix unwanted double event for some keys ( like alt+enter )
  • map filter option for game setup on headless server
  • option to select/command multiple buildings of same type ( uniform-selection )
  • major cross platform OOS fix which especially showed up quite often when playing without
    fog of war
  • you must proof basic game knowledge before you can play online by winning a special scenario
  • less visible parts of black squares while rendering cliffs
  • possibility to let units spawn units on death
  • improved AI behavior per faction ( mostly magic )
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@filux filux released this Mar 9, 2015 · 657 commits to develop since this release

What's new?

  • no more false clicks when commanding via mini map
  • map editor has a more useful and powerful map height randomizer
  • map editor saves all maps with .mgm ending by default.
  • fixed map editor ( several linux distributions had trouble )
  • for missing tilesets and techs optional download from mod center instead of server. (bugfix)
  • healthbar default set to "if needed"
  • nicer tilesets as defaults
  • improved camera startposition on game start ( main building in center ).
  • attackBoosts: Ep + Hp regeneration is shown in description
  • MegaGlest can be build easier on MacOS ( sadly noone was willing to test )

MacOS: Please report on the forum your experience with packages for MacOS.

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@tomreyn tomreyn released this Jan 21, 2015 · 567 commits to master since this release

What's new?

  • health bars with a lot of options
  • multi shot / multi-projectiles with different timings,sounds and particle systems
  • several camera shake effects
  • new tileset "pine rock"
  • some new maps
  • improve switching settings when connected to a headless server
  • support for team unit sharing
  • team resource sharing
  • tags feature
  • Attack boosts fixed in many ways
  • Attack boosts and upgrades now support upgrading attack speed
  • timed particles and mesh bound particles really work now.
  • unit height independent particle positioning ( flat-particle-positions )
  • CPU players multiplier are displayed in debug view
  • You can have non commandable units
  • Units spawned by an attack skill can get an attack command
  • Unit and Splash particles can be speeded up ( accelerated )
  • Looting #17
  • HP and EP starting values
  • <target-height> <burn-height> can be given
  • +several bugfixes

The Windows installer originally released as v3.11.0 actually contained an incompatible pre-release build (for a previous version). We have therefore removed this file and now provide MegaGlest-Installer-3.11.0.b2_i386_win32.exe which contains the correct release build. Checksums (and signatures) have been added. Apologies.

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Jan 22, 2014
- fixed paths for editor and model viewer camek install

@softcoder softcoder released this Jan 19, 2014 · 1119 commits to develop since this release


  • Includes many bug fixes reported in the forums since 3.9.0.
  • Backward compatible with 3.9.0.
  • Moved the project from to and from subversion to git.
  • Better handling of lagging clients in network games.
  • Fixed cmake scripts to correctly detect dependencies that were previously partially working on some distros and improved build support for Mac OS X.
  • Added numerous new LUA functions as documented at
  • Code quality improvements as reported by cppcheck and coverity (and clang).
  • Better color picking algorithm thanks to willvarfar makes color picking very stable.
  • Render order improved to allow more transparency effects.
  • Adjustable camera scroll speed.
  • Particle systems can be bound to meshes of models.
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@tomreyn tomreyn released this Dec 3, 2013 · 1192 commits to master since this release


  • we hopefully now really solved the last out of sync problems for cross platform games.
  • animated tileset object support.
  • new tileset texturing possibilities
  • new tilesets birchforest, desert4 and updated mediterran using animated objects and new texture system
  • greatly improved textures and animations for the roman faction
  • new maps
  • better network game performance / management to handle slower clients.
  • easier ability to download game content from host and masterserver( if available there ).
  • new arranged options menu with serveral sub menus
  • menu gui improvements
  • attack hotkey toggles through all attack types
  • single player games can be sped up incrementally in steps.
  • color picking is greatly improved and the default selection mode now for better compatibility
  • greater ability to translate game content into your native language. (including techtrees)
  • Added Hebrew, Arabic, Vietnamese (and others).
  • screenshots for savegames without annoying menu in screenshot.
  • addition of google-breakpad to better track down bugs.
  • many new lua functions for scenario modders.
  • cell coordinates are shown in the mapeditor
  • tilesets can set default air unit heights
  • added ability for stand alone mod's to customize more of the engine like about screen.
  • performance improvements.
  • and as always many bugs were fixed
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@filux filux released this Jan 19, 2014 · 2187 commits to develop since this release

  • bugfixes reported in the bugs forum since
  • display requirements when a player cannot execute a command
  • improved IRC connection handling
  • auto word wrapping for message boxes
  • headless server can run in local lan mode (does not broadcast to master server)
  • Added lua security sandbox
  • third person view allows you to follow a selected unit. Select one unit anf press f4 to enable (deselect anf f4 to disable).
  • cell markers allow players to create markers anywhere on the map and associate a note with them. All team players see the markers.
  • quick sonar signal to tell team players where the action is happening
  • admin player can disconnect other network players in game
  • saving / loading games.
  • when placing a new unit, we display a 'ghosted' model while units walk to the build location to show the space it will occupy
  • video playback support (using libvlc)
  • network multi-player scenarios
  • campaign scenarios
  • Integrated language translation support (translate / update your favorite language @ and pull the files into the game via advanced translation options to test your changes)
  • play a sound when player mentions your name in chat mode
  • more game data validation for commandline modders, see --help for more info
  • many new lua commands for scenario modders
  • enhanced AI management (logging and modding) and added more intellegence to decsions
  • enhanced game data downloads now allow for downloading data from the mod center instead of game server if available.
  • Quick keys in game lobby, SHIFT++listbox arrow to jump to that letter in a list
    or Hold CTRL when clicking listbox for network control type to change all non human control values
  • enhanced unicode support for non-ascii characters
  • customizable unit, resource and upgrade language files
  • tilesets support animated models
  • scenario factions may now be 'neutral', meaning not on any players team.
  • new command action mouse cursors
  • resources are selectable showing info about the resource
  • particle colors are now affected by the time of day
  • new game hints are displayed while loading a new game
  • linked faction support (and new techtree MagiTech for classic Glest play)
  • added runtime checks to ensure cpu supports expected optimizations of the binary used (sse, x87)
  • lots of code cleanup from static analysis such as cppcheck and valgrind
  • experimental big endian and non x86 architecure support (need testers to give feedback)
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@filux filux released this Jan 19, 2014 · 2945 commits to develop since this release

  • bugfixes reported in the bugs forum from beta1 and 2
  • iso639-1 style language loading example: megaglest --use-language=zh and auto language detect on first time launch
  • new and updated translations (Greek, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Czech etc)
  • auto complete player names in chat mode using tab character
  • customized port # override via commandline (useful for multiple headless servers) example: megaglest --use-ports=x,y (x is internal port y is external port)
  • new commandline option to support standalone modes example: megaglest --load-mod=x (x is the path to the mod)
  • new lua functions added (to be documented on the MG wiki)
  • lower CPU / RAM requirements in headless server mode
  • attack-boosts can be named and shared for proper re-use and singleton usage.
  • New font system and enhanced International language support (Chinese, Japanese, etc)
  • New intro
  • Enhanced AI plays smarter and responds more quickly
  • Improved mod menu which always checks for updates for all mods now and more
  • Modders can change intro, menus, faction AI behavior and many more things.
  • New ability to enable in game team-switching for defecting to other teams in game
  • Ability to toggle languages anywhere in the game using CTRL-L
  • Numerous bug fixes as reported in the bugs forum
  • Improved Megapack including better balanced Romans faction
  • New attack boost system (currently used by Romans faction) which allows new types of in game unit effects.
  • New headless server mode allows dedicated servers to host games for network players (command line option --headless-server-mode)
  • Added ability to 'pause' network games by press ESC in game to show a new popup-menu with in game options.
  • Hosts can now set a title for their game for network games.
  • Music fades in and out of game start/stop
  • New low food warning indicators tells players when they are running out of food
  • MacOSX support (thanks weltall)
  • Players are no longer dropped in game lobby when toggling maps (player status may show as unassigned network node if they are ina slot that is not applicable to the selected map)
  • Bugfixes for supported UPNP for auto router configuration when hosting games
  • many more...
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