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@filux filux released this Jan 19, 2014 · 2189 commits to develop since this release

  • bugfixes reported in the bugs forum since
  • display requirements when a player cannot execute a command
  • improved IRC connection handling
  • auto word wrapping for message boxes
  • headless server can run in local lan mode (does not broadcast to master server)
  • Added lua security sandbox
  • third person view allows you to follow a selected unit. Select one unit anf press f4 to enable (deselect anf f4 to disable).
  • cell markers allow players to create markers anywhere on the map and associate a note with them. All team players see the markers.
  • quick sonar signal to tell team players where the action is happening
  • admin player can disconnect other network players in game
  • saving / loading games.
  • when placing a new unit, we display a 'ghosted' model while units walk to the build location to show the space it will occupy
  • video playback support (using libvlc)
  • network multi-player scenarios
  • campaign scenarios
  • Integrated language translation support (translate / update your favorite language @ and pull the files into the game via advanced translation options to test your changes)
  • play a sound when player mentions your name in chat mode
  • more game data validation for commandline modders, see --help for more info
  • many new lua commands for scenario modders
  • enhanced AI management (logging and modding) and added more intellegence to decsions
  • enhanced game data downloads now allow for downloading data from the mod center instead of game server if available.
  • Quick keys in game lobby, SHIFT++listbox arrow to jump to that letter in a list
    or Hold CTRL when clicking listbox for network control type to change all non human control values
  • enhanced unicode support for non-ascii characters
  • customizable unit, resource and upgrade language files
  • tilesets support animated models
  • scenario factions may now be 'neutral', meaning not on any players team.
  • new command action mouse cursors
  • resources are selectable showing info about the resource
  • particle colors are now affected by the time of day
  • new game hints are displayed while loading a new game
  • linked faction support (and new techtree MagiTech for classic Glest play)
  • added runtime checks to ensure cpu supports expected optimizations of the binary used (sse, x87)
  • lots of code cleanup from static analysis such as cppcheck and valgrind
  • experimental big endian and non x86 architecure support (need testers to give feedback)
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